[Best of 1983][Worst of 1983]
1983-04-24 | AWA | AWA Super Sunday
Super Sunday presents exciting wrestling action, featuring Nick Bockwinkel defending the AWA World Heavyweight Title against Hulk Hogan.

[Best of 1986][Worst of 1986]
1986-03-04 | AWA | ESPN Champ. Wrestling 03-04-86
Shawn Michaels explodes on the scene in the AWA with a one-on-one match against Buddhakhan. Plus, Scott Hall, Marty Jannetty, and more!

1986-04-20 | AWA | AWA WrestleRock '86
Get ready to do the WrestleRock Rumble, as AWA presents WrestleRock '86 featuring Nick Bockwinkel, Sgt. Slaughter, and many more in action!

[Best of 1987][Worst of 1987]
1987-01-25 | AWA | AWA All Star 01-25-87
A young Shawn Michaels shows his strength as a singles competitor. Plus, Curt Hennig, Nick Bockwinkel, N'Playboy' Buddy Rose, and many more!

1987-05-02 | AWA | AWA SuperClash II
SuperClash II features Curt Hennig challenging Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event and much more!

[Best of 1988][Worst of 1988]
1988-01-24 | AWA | ESPN Champ. Wrestling 01-24-88
The Midnight Rockers challenge Paul E. Dangerously's Midnight Express for the AWA World Tag Team Titles in an incredible main event!

1988-02-28 | AWA | AWA Superstars 02-28-88
The Midnight Rockers defend their AWA World Tag Team Titles against Bob Orton and Adrian Adonis in the main event. Plus much more!

1988-03-13 | AWA | AWA Superstars 03-13-88
The Nasty Boys challenge the Midnight Rockers for their AWA World Tag Team Titles in the main event. Plus, Baron von Raschke and more!

1988-04-10 | AWA | AWA All Star 04-10-88
Things take a dangerous turn when the Midnight Rockers defend their AWA World Tag Team Titles against Badd Company in the main event.

1988-12-13 | AWA | AWA SuperClash III
Worlds collide at SuperClash III, as Jerry Lawler battles Kerry Von Erich in a bout to unify the AWA and WCWA World Heavyweight Titles.