Culture Shock with Corey Graves

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2015-04-22 | WWE | Marvel HQ
Corey Graves gets a culture shock immersing himself within the fascinating world of Marvel Comics, from their headquarters in New York City!

2015-05-06 | WWE | Star Wars Celebration
Corey Graves experiences a culture shock at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration, getting caught up in the hype for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

2015-05-20 | WWE | Hardcore Tattoo
Corey Graves heads down to one of his favorite tattoo shops in the heart of New York City!

2015-06-03 | WWE | The Preakness
Corey Graves jumps into horse racing, gambling, the legendary infield, and much more at The Preakness on this episode of Culture Shock!

2015-06-17 | WWE | X Games
Corey Graves hits up Austin, Texas for this year's X Games!

2015-07-08 | WWE | Punk Rock Bowling
Corey Graves dives into a world where Hardcore Bowling and Punk Rock music collide on this thrilling edition of Culture Shock!

2015-07-22 | WWE | Fisherman's Wharf
Corey Graves takes on the famed Fisherman's Wharf in the San Francisco Bay Area!

2015-08-12 | WWE | APMAs
Get a backstage pass to this year's AP Music Awards as Corey Graves goes behind the scenes and talks with the biggest names in Rock today!

2015-08-26 | WWE | Brony Con
Corey Graves is in over his head when he comes face-to-face with the rabid My Little Pony fanbase, 'The Bronies' at this year's BronyCon!

2015-09-09 | WWE | Testy Festy
Corey Graves finds himself having a ball at the one and only 'Testy Festy' in Montana!

2015-09-23 | WWE | Keep Austin Weird
Corey Graves checks out one of the fastest growing cities in America - Austin,TX and gets his freak on at the infamous Museum of the Weird!

2015-10-14 | WWE | Great American Beer Festival
Corey Graves heads to Denver, Colorado to taste the finer things in life at the Great American Beer Festival.

2015-10-28 | WWE | New York Comic Con
Watch as Corey Graves explores NY Comic Con to meet some unique characters and talk with some familiar faces.