Destruction of The Shield

[Best of 2012][Worst of 2012]
2012-11-18 | WWE | Mystery Mercenaries
Survivor Series 2012 - The Shield arrive on the scene in WWE as a trio of mysterious mercenaries disrupting the WWE Championship main event.

2012-12-10 | WWE | A Call For Justice
RAW 1020 - In a sweeping indictment of the injustices within WWE, The Shield makes their intentions clear.

2012-12-16 | WWE | Tables, Ladders, Chairs, SHIELD!
TLC 2012 - The Shield makes their in-ring debut against Team Hell No and Ryback in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match.

[Best of 2013][Worst of 2013]
2013-04-07 | WWE | Invading WrestleMania
WrestleMania 29 - Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton form an uneasy union to try and stop The Shield on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

2013-04-22 | WWE | To the Depths from Above
RAW 1039 - Before stepping into the ring against Team Hell No and The Undertaker, The Shield makes a spectacular entrance from above.

2013-04-22 | WWE | Walking Through Hell
RAW 1039 - The strength of The Shield stuns the WWE Universe when they take on Team Hell No and The Undertaker.

2013-05-19 | WWE | Brothers vs. Friends
Extreme Rules 2013 - Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns prove their brotherhood by challenging Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

2013-05-19 | WWE | Ambrose Brings Home Gold
Extreme Rules 2013 - Dean Ambrose looks to bring gold to the ranks of The Shield by challenging Kofi Kingston for the United States Title.

2013-05-20 | WWE | Something to Believe In
RAW 1043 - After conquering most of WWE, The Shield gives the WWE Universe something new to believe in.

2013-06-14 | WWE | Nothing Lasts Forever
SmackDown 721 - The ongoing carnage caused by The Shield is finally repelled in a match against Team Hell No and Randy Orton.

2013-08-26 | WWE | Stopping the Yes! Movement
RAW 1057 - The strength of brotherhood goes head-to-head against the Yes! Movement when Daniel Bryan faces The Shield in a Gauntlet Match.

2013-09-23 | WWE | Against the World
RAW 1061 - The Shield gets a taste of their own medicine when The Authority orders them to compete in an 11-On-3 Handicap Match.

2013-10-06 | WWE | The Hounds vs. The Rhodes
Battleground 2013 - In an effort to rid the WWE of the Rhodes family, The Shield battles the team of Goldust and Cody Rhodes.

[Best of 2014][Worst of 2014]
2014-01-03 | WWE | Show of Unity
SmackDown 750 - Despite rumors of dissension among their ranks, The Shield sets out to prove that they have never been stronger.

2014-02-23 | WWE | Hatfields and McCoys
Elimination Chamber 2014 - Two of WWE's most infamous trios clash when The Shield faces off against The Wyatt Family.

2014-03-03 | WWE | A Crack in The Shield
RAW 1084 - In the midst of another battle with The Wyatt Family, Seth Rollins begins to show signs of frustration with his brothers.

2014-04-07 | WWE | Defying The Authority
RAW 1089 - The Authority's 'Hounds of Justice' bite the hand that feeds when The Shield costs Triple H the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

2014-04-28 | WWE | An Evolutionary Challenge
RAW 1092 - The Shield looks to pick a fight with Evolution by sending a message to Triple H and his allies.

2014-05-04 | WWE | Facing Evolution
Extreme Rules 2014 - Evolution's comeback is halted in a memorable Six-Man Tag Team Match against The Shield.

2014-05-05 | WWE | The Authority Strikes Back
RAW 1093 - The Authority looks for a victory over The Shield by forcing Dean Ambrose to defend the United States Title in a Battle Royal.

2014-06-02 | WWE | Selling Out or Buying In?
RAW 1097 - The unity of The Shield is finally broken when Triple H executes his 'Plan B'.

[Best of 2015][Worst of 2015]
2015-10-19 | WWE | A Reluctant Reunion
RAW 1169 - Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose find themselves reluctantly united with Seth Rollins to take on The Wyatt Family.

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-07-24 | WWE | The Final Battleground
Battleground 2016 - The former members of The Shield meet on opposite sides of each other in a battle for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

[Best of 2017][Worst of 2017]
2017-01-09 | WWE | Destruction of The Shield Intro
Destruction of The Shield chronicles the rise and fall of the most dominant trio in recent WWE history in this WWE Network Collection.