ECW Barely Legal Revisited

[Best of 1996][Worst of 1996]
1996-11-02 | ECW | Sabu Fears Taz?
Hardcore TV 186 - After making an example out of Scorpio, Taz sends an unmistakable message to Sabu.

1996-11-16 | ECW | Ask and You Shall Receive
November to Remember 1996 - Taz's constant attempts to goad Sabu into a confrontation finally receive an answer.

1996-11-26 | ECW | Taz Tells His Side of the Story
Hardcore TV 188 - To enlighten everyone about his motivations in targeting Sabu, Taz tells his side of their rivalry.

1996-12-23 | ECW | Eliminating Sabu
Hardcore TV 192 - In an effort to get the better of his rival, Taz lures Sabu into an assault by The Eliminators.

[Best of 1997][Worst of 1997]
1997-01-07 | ECW | Raven's Wish, Sandman's Desire
Hardcore TV 194 - In an effort to reclaim his property, Raven demands that The Sandman return the ECW Championship.

1997-01-14 | ECW | Bad Eggs in Raven's Nest
Hardcore TV 195 - In the midst of a violent confrontation with The Sandman, Raven's closest allies turn on his leadership.

1997-02-18 | ECW | Casualties of War
Hardcore TV 200 - In an attempt to provoke another violent reprisal from Sabu, Taz targets Rob Van Dam.

1997-02-22 | ECW | Enter Sandman
CyberSlam 1997 - The Sandman seizes his opportunity to become the new Number One Contender to challenge Raven for the ECW Championship.

1997-03-04 | ECW | Stand Up and Fight
Hardcore TV 202 - Raven's constant rhetoric is put to the test when he is confronted and challenged by Terry Funk.

1997-03-12 | ECW | Sabu Takes the Kill
Hardcore TV 203 - Sabu looks to turn up the heat in his rivalry with Taz by stealing The War Machine's 'kill'.

1997-03-12 | ECW | Quote The Raven!
Hardcore TV 203 - After announcing his intentions for the ECW Championship, Stevie Richards' attempts to break free from Raven's abuses fail

1997-03-15 | ECW | Turning the Tables
Hardcore TV 204 - When Sabu calls out Taz, it is Bill Alfonso that suffers the wrath of The War Machine's rival.

1997-03-17 | ECW | The Stage is Set
Hardcore TV 204 - Raven's days as ECW Champion are numbered after the competitors in a 3-Way Dance for a shot at his title are named.

1997-03-24 | ECW | Tensions Rise
Hardcore TV 205 - Tensions on the road to Barely Legal rise when The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer look to save Terry Funk from an assault.

1997-03-31 | ECW | Quote The Funker!
Hardcore TV 206 - Things take a violent turn when Raven is cornered in the locker room by Terry Funk.

1997-03-31 | ECW | Taz Protects His Investment
Hardcore TV 206 - Taz looks to keep his investment safe by ensuring that the only man able to hurt Sabu is The War Machine himself.

1997-03-31 | ECW | A Road Paved with Violence
Hardcore TV 206 - Stevie Richards makes his presence felt when Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk team up to take on Shane Douglas and Raven.

1997-04-13 | ECW | Grudge Match of the Century
Barely Legal 1997 - The heated rivalry between Taz and Sabu explodes in the 'Grudge Match of the Century' at ECW's first Pay-Per-View.

1997-04-13 | ECW | Stevie's Motivations
Barely Legal 1997 - Before taking to the ring in the hopes of capturing the ECW Championship, Stevie Richards explains his motivations.

1997-04-13 | ECW | Calm Before the Storm
Barely Legal 1997 - Just before they battle each other in the 'Grudge Match of the Century', Taz and Sabu come face-to-face.

1997-04-13 | ECW | This is the Dance!
Barely Legal 1997 - The winner of a 3-Way Dance between Stevie Richards, Terry Funk, and The Sandman challenges Raven for the ECW Title.

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2017-04-03 | WWE | ECW Barely Legal Revisited Intro
Relive the chaotic confrontations and memorable moments that led to ECW's first pay-per-view, Barely Legal!