Eddie Guerrero: Viva La Raza!

[Best of 1989][Worst of 1989]
1989-05-20 | WCW | The Past Meets The Future
World Championship Wrestling 857 - A young Eddie Guerrero shows his ability to compete among legends when he takes on Terry Funk.

[Best of 1995][Worst of 1995]
1995-04-11 | ECW | Too Cold for Gold
Hardcore TV 103 - In his ECW debut, Eddie Guerrero looks to achieve greatness by challenging 2 Cold Scorpio for the ECW World TV Title.

1995-08-29 | ECW | A Farewell to Extreme
Hardcore TV 123 - In an emotional farewell to the fans of ECW, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko meet in an incredible 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match.

1995-11-20 | WCW | Heating Up The Horsemen
Nitro 90 - Eddie Guerrero proves his ability to compete with the best when Ric Flair has Brian Pillman replace him in a one-on-one battle.

[Best of 1996][Worst of 1996]
1996-12-29 | WCW | Turn the Page
Starrcade 1996 - Eddie Guerrero secures his destiny when he faces Diamond Dallas Page in the Finals of the WCW U.S. Championship Tournament.

[Best of 1997][Worst of 1997]
1997-01-25 | WCW | On Enemy Ground
Souled Out 1997 - At the nWo's first Pay-Per-View event, Eddie Guerrero defends the WCW U.S. Championship against Syxx in a Ladder Match.

1997-11-22 | WCW | Facing The Giant Killer
World War 3 1997 - Two legends of Lucha Libre clash as Rey Mysterio Jr. challenges Eddie Guerrero for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

[Best of 1998][Worst of 1998]
1998-07-12 | WCW | A Hairy Situation
Bash at the Beach 1998 - The Guerrero family is put in a hairy situation when Chavo and Eddie Guerrero meet in a Hair vs. Hair Match.

1998-08-17 | WCW | 'Take This Job and Shove It'
Nitro 233 - Frustrations surrounding his role in WCW lead Eddie Guerrero to send an unforgettable message to Eric Bischoff.

[Best of 2000][Worst of 2000]
2000-02-03 | WWE | A Radical Change
SmackDown 24 - The physical toughness of Eddie Guerrero is on display when he and fellow Radical, Perry Saturn, face The New Age Outlaws.

2000-04-03 | WWE | Over The Walls
Raw 358 - With Chyna by his side, Eddie Guerrero looks to capture the European Championship from Chris Jericho.

[Best of 2002][Worst of 2002]
2002-04-21 | WWE | Better Than 5-Stars
Backlash 2002 - In a battle of the frog splashes, Eddie Guerrero challenges Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Championship.

[Best of 2003][Worst of 2003]
2003-05-18 | WWE | In the Mist of Victory
Judgment Day 2003 - Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri reach for the WWE Tag Team Titles in a Ladder Match against The World's Greatest Tag Team.

2003-06-12 | WWE | Latino Heat in Piper's Pit
SmackDown 199 - Things take a violent turn when WWE Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri are welcomed to Piper's Pit.

2003-09-18 | WWE | Los Guerreros Get The Job Done
SmackDown 213 - Los Guerreros seek out their childhood dream by challenging The World's Greatest Tag Team for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

[Best of 2004][Worst of 2004]
2004-02-04 | WWE | Another Obstacle to Overcome
SmackDown 233 - With a shot at the WWE Title approaching, Eddie Guerrero confronts the last obstacle standing in his way, Brock Lesnar.

2004-02-15 | WWE | Doing The Unthinkable
No Way Out 2004 - Eddie Guerrero's lifelong journey to the WWE Championship culminates when he challenges Brock Lesnar for the gold.

2004-02-19 | WWE | Success From a Different Angle
SmackDown 235 - The celebration for Eddie Guerrero's success ends after Kurt Angle referees his WWE Title defense against Chavo Guerrero.

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-09-06 | WWE | Viva La Raza! Intro
Celebrate the life of Eddie Guerrero, as we journey through the Hall of Famer's one-of-a-kind career in this WWE Network Collection!