Edge and Christian Show

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2016-02-21 | WWE | S1 E01: Firsts!
Edge and Christian take a look back at some very memorable 'FIRSTS!' in WWE History.

2016-02-22 | WWE | S1 E02: Nailed it!
Edge and Christian pay homage to the cinematic side of WWE while celebrating the success of their first episode!

2016-02-29 | WWE | S1 E03: The 90's
Edge and Christian take a look back at everyone's favorite decade that was all that and a bag of chips...The '90s!

2016-03-07 | WWE | S1 E04: The Madness!
Edge and Christian reveal their 'Bracket of Sucktitude' to determine the most Infamous Gimmick of all time!

2016-03-14 | WWE | S1 E05: Spring Break!
Edge and Christian offer tips and advice to all people who are about to embark on the biggest party week of the year...SPRING BREAK!

2016-03-21 | WWE | S1 E06 Sports EntertainmentMania
It's time for the biggest event of the season! The episode everyone's been waiting for! It's time for Sports Entertainment-Mania!!

2016-04-11 | WWE | S1 E07: TLC
Edge and Christian celebrate the three letters that made them famous, TLC - But NOT in the way you think!

2016-04-18 | WWE | S1 E08: Old School
It's time to charge up your beepers and fire up your VCRs because Edge and Christian are jumping in their Time Machine and going Old School!

2016-04-25 | WWE | S1 E09: If It Tastes Like Sushi
Update your passports and get your shots because you're invited to Edge and Christian's International Adventure!

2016-05-02 | WWE | S1 E10: Addicted To The Shindig
Sit back, relax and pump up the volume, it's time to rock out to Edge and Christian's musical episode!

2016-05-09 | WWE | S1 E11: Feelin' So Scratchy
Thought this show was random before? From Board Games to Ring Bells you won't believe what Edge and Christian get themselves into this week!

2016-05-16 | WWE | S1 E12: Wacksquatch
It all comes down to this! In the season finale, Edge and Christian embark on a quest to secure the most ultimate treasure of them all!