Holy Foley

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2016-08-15 | WWE | Holy Foley: First Look
Corey Graves and Cathy Kelley sit down with Mick and Noelle Foley to discuss their highly anticipated reality show, Holy Foley!

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E01: The Bombshell
Mick's daughter Noelle reveals a secret that no one, least of all Mick, sees coming.

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E05: Girls and Dolls
Noelle heads to Orlando to train with Superstars Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks while Mick figures out a way to curb Colette's doll obsession.

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E03: Whatever It Takes
Mick and Noelle embark on a new health and fitness regimen together.

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E04: History Comes Alive
While training to be a WWE Superstar, Noelle gets some inspiration from WWE greats, past and present.

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E02 Like Father Like Daughter
After revealing she wants to be a WWE Superstar, Noelle asks her father Mick for a favor, but it does not go over so well.

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2017-01-23 | WWE | Holy Foley First Look: Final 5
Mick and Noelle Foley join Corey Graves and Cathy Kelley to preview the 'Final 5' Season One episodes of their hit reality show, Holy Foley!

2017-01-29 | WWE | S1 E08: Foley Family Vacation
For Mick's birthday, the Foley family decides to go on vacation to Mick's favorite place on Earth, Knoebels Grove Amusement Park.

2017-01-29 | WWE | S1 E10: The Moment of Truth
The Foleys arrive in Orlando, FL for Noelle's NXT tryouts. Will her rib injury, the pressure or the competition get in the way of her dream?

2017-01-29 | WWE | S1 E06: The Promo King
Mick worries that Noelle lacks the sense of danger a WWE Superstar needs, so he arranges a lesson in cutting promos.

2017-01-29 | WWE | S1 E07: Ditch the Clown
Mick will get out of his comfort zone and sing in a musical, while Noelle meets with a WWE executive who makes her question something big.

2017-01-29 | WWE | S1 E09 The Storm Before The Calm
Noelle has some final preparations to do before heading to Orlando, Florida for the much-anticipated NXT tryouts.