Holy Foley

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2016-08-15 | WWE | Holy Foley: First Look
Corey Graves and Cathy Kelley sit down with Mick and Noelle Foley to discuss their highly anticipated reality show, Holy Foley!

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E01: The Bombshell
Mick's daughter Noelle reveals a secret that no one, least of all Mick, sees coming.

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E05: Girls and Dolls
Noelle heads to Orlando to train with Superstars Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks while Mick figures out a way to curb Colette's doll obsession.

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E03: Whatever It Takes
Mick and Noelle embark on a new health and fitness regimen together.

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E04: History Comes Alive
While training to be a WWE Superstar, Noelle gets some inspiration from WWE greats, past and present.

2016-08-21 | WWE | S1 E02 Like Father Like Daughter
After revealing she wants to be a WWE Superstar, Noelle asks her father Mick for a favor, but it does not go over so well.