Legends House

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2014-04-17 | WWE | The Boys Are Back
Eight WWE Legends reunite and get acquainted with their new neighbors. Back at the Legends' House, tempers flare.

2014-04-24 | WWE | The Cart Before The Horse
The legends play a polo match...WWE style! Back at the Legends House, Tony Atlas and 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan attempt to co-exist.

2014-05-01 | WWE | Striking Out
A bowling competition kicks things off! However, the real mayhem begins when the WWE Legends attempt to film a bizarre commercial.

2014-05-08 | WWE | Viva Las Vegas
The Legends head to Sin City and the hijinks begin! After some manscaping, they partake in a Chippendales show you have to see to believe!

2014-05-15 | WWE | Express Yourselves
The Legends participate in a charity art gala in Palm Springs. Back at the house, Tony Atlas prepares a feast for his polarized housemates.

2014-05-22 | WWE | L.A.A.R.P.ING
When the WWE Legends engage a ruthless enemy in a game of live action role play, their strength as a group is tested.

2014-05-29 | WWE | Heartbreak Hotel
The WWE Legends play a game of 'How well do you know your roommates?' Then the group receives a visit from Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

2014-06-05 | WWE | Back in Pipers Pit
The Legends prepare for a roast of Roddy Piper. The group gets together for dinner, but lingering tensions threaten to disrupt the occasion.

2014-06-12 | WWE | Farewell My Friends
Pat Patterson attempts to reveal a lifelong secret to the group. The WWE Legends send each other off in style with a party!

2014-06-19 | WWE | The Boys Are Back...Again
The WWE Legends reminisce about their time in the Legends' House, reliving the highlights from the season.