Monday Night War

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2014-07-07 | WWE | The War Begins
Media mogul Ted Turner launches WCW Monday Nitro in direct competition against Vince McMahon and WWE's Monday Night Raw.

2014-08-26 | WWE | The Rise of nWo
An industry icon's transformation propels Nitro to prominence, and forever changes sports entertainment history.

2014-08-27 | WWE | Embracing Attitude
Vince McMahon leads a company-wide change in a direction that nets the company its greatest ratings to date.

2014-09-02 | WWE | A New D-Generation
Shawn Michaels and Triple H help usher in WWE's 'Attitude Era', bringing an edgier element to Monday Night Raw.

2014-09-09 | WWE | Have A Nice Day!
Mick Foley's unorthodox style makes him an unlikely success story and a unique weapon for WWE in their war with WCW.

2014-09-16 | WWE | The Hart of War
A controversial end to Bret Hart's WWE career forever changes the fate of Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro.

2014-09-23 | WWE | The War Goes Extreme
Extreme Championship Wrestling leaves an indelible mark on the Monday Night War as a hardcore alternative.

2014-09-29 | WWE | The Austin Era Has Begun
Stone Cold Steve Austin's drive and determination spurs WWE's 'Attitude Era' to insurmountable heights.

2014-10-14 | WWE | Flight of the Cruiserweights
WCW signs international superstars to bring an innovative, high-flying brand of excitement to Monday Nitro.

2014-10-21 | WWE | Whos Next?
Bill Goldberg rises from relative obscurity to become WCW's most dominant homegrown talent.

2014-10-28 | WWE | Monday Night Jericho
Jericho shed his cruiserweight stigmas to make his mark on both WWE and WCW throughout the Monday Night War.

2014-11-04 | WWE | The War Gets Electrified
Follow the Rock's meteoric rise as he becomes one of the biggest names in entertainment in and out of the ring.

2014-11-18 | WWE | Divas Gone Wild
Monday night innovations allow female talents to redefine a woman's place at the forefront of sports entertainment.

2014-11-25 | WWE | The War Goes Mainstream
WWE and WCW each work celebrities into their product, as The Monday Night War becomes water cooler conversation.

2014-12-02 | WWE | Foundations of War
In an era of shifting loyalties, WWE and WCW would each build a cornerstone in order to achieve stability.

2014-12-09 | WWE | Building an Army
It takes an army to win a war, and both WCW and WWE were developing a deep roster in order to emerge victorious.

2014-12-16 | WWE | The Kliq
A controversial group of Superstars set out to better sports entertainment and would rely on one another to do so.

2014-12-23 | WWE | Mistakes On The Battlefield
The strategies that helped Eric Bischoff build WCW would hasten the decline of both he and his company.

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2015-01-06 | WWE | The Fall of WCW
Backstage politics, corporate mergers, and questionable decisions would doom sports entertainment's former powerhouse.

2015-01-13 | WWE | Life After Wartime
The war comes to a shocking conclusion, upstaged only by the talents that cross enemy lines in the years that follow.