Razor Ramon: Oozing Machismo

[Best of 1992][Worst of 1992]
1992-08-08 | WWE | WWE Universe Gets Some Machismo
The landscape of WWE is carved up by the in-ring debut of Razor Ramon, as The Bad Guy goes one-on-one with Paul Van Dale.

[Best of 1993][Worst of 1993]
1993-01-24 | WWE | The Hart of a Champion
Royal Rumble 1993 - Razor Ramon looks to achieve greatness when The Bad Guy challenges Bret Hart for the WWE Championship.

1993-05-17 | WWE | A Shocking Upset
RAW 17 - In one of the most shocking moments in RAW history, The Kid earns a new name after a match with Razor Ramon.

1993-06-13 | WWE | Battling for a Crown
King of the Ring 1993 - In the Quarter-Finals of the 1993 King of the Ring Tournament, Razor Ramon goes one-on-one with Bret Hart.

1993-08-30 | WWE | Paying the Price
SummerSlam 1993 - Razor Ramon looks to make Ted DiBiase pay the price of avarice when they meet in singles action.

1993-09-01 | WWE | Obvious Chemistry
The unquestionable in-ring chemistry of Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon is on display in this rarely seen encounter.

1993-10-04 | WWE | 20 Men, 2 Winners?
RAW 34 - Razor Ramon competes in a Battle Royal where two winners will battle for the vacant Intercontinental Championship.

1993-10-11 | WWE | Model Behavior
RAW 35 - Razor Ramon and Rick 'The Model' Martel take to the ring to battle for the vacant Intercontinental Championship.

[Best of 1994][Worst of 1994]
1994-02-21 | WWE | The Value of Friends
RAW 52 - Shawn Michaels and Diesel make their presence felt when Razor Ramon and 1-2-3 Kid challenge The Quebecers for championship gold.

1994-03-20 | WWE | The True Champion
WrestleMania X - Razor Ramon faces Shawn Michaels in a Ladder Match for the gold to see who is the real Intercontinental Champion.

1994-08-29 | WWE | A Too Sweet Confrontation
SummerSlam 1994 - With 'Sweetness' Walter Payton in his corner, Razor Ramon challenges Diesel for the Intercontinental Championship.

1994-10-24 | WWE | The Sizeable Challenge
RAW 83 - Razor Ramon is faced with a sizable challenge when The Bad Guy defends the Intercontinental Championship against Yokozuna.

1994-11-23 | WWE | Bad Guys Always Survive
Survivor Series 1994 - Razor Ramon and his Bad Guys take on Shawn Michaels' Teamsters in a Survivor Series Elimination Match.

[Best of 1995][Worst of 1995]
1995-01-22 | WWE | Razors and Guitars
Royal Rumble 1995 - Razor Ramon's reign as Intercontinental Champion is challenged when he defends the title against Jeff Jarrett.

1995-04-02 | WWE | Double Trouble
WrestleMania XI - Razor Ramon challenges 'Double J' Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

1995-08-27 | WWE | Revisiting Greatness
SummerSlam 1995 - Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels reach for glory once again in another Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title.

1995-10-22 | WWE | A Lesson Learned
In Your House 4: Great White North - Razor Ramon looks to reclaim the Intercontinental Title by challenging Dean Douglas for the gold.

[Best of 1996][Worst of 1996]
1996-01-21 | WWE | Carving Up Gold
Royal Rumble 1996 - Razor Ramon puts the Intercontinental Championship on the line in a match against Goldust.

1996-02-18 | WWE | Crybaby
In Your House 6: Rage in the Cage - Razor Ramon competes in a Crybaby Match against his former friend, 1-2-3 Kid.

[Best of 2014][Worst of 2014]
2014-04-05 | WWE | The Bad Guy Enters the Hall
WWE Hall of Fame - Razor Ramon's journey in sports entertainment is immortalized when The Bad Guy enters the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-07-05 | WWE | Say Hello to The Bad Guy
Before his in-ring debut in WWE, Razor Ramon looks to show the world exactly who The Bad Guy is and where he comes from.

[Best of 2017][Worst of 2017]
2017-07-10 | WWE | Looking 4 Number Four
Take a lesson from The Bad Guy, as Razor Ramon shares his thoughts on his rivalry with Dean Douglas.

2017-07-10 | WWE | Hard Work Pays Off
With a career and legacy cemented in the annals of WWE history, Razor Ramon shows everyone that The Bad Guys truly live forever.

2017-07-10 | WWE | Hey, Yo!
From his own mouth, hear Razor Ramon give some rare insight on his stylish introduction to the WWE Universe.

2017-07-10 | WWE | Razor Ramon Intro
Join Razor Ramon as he hosts a collection of his greatest matches and moments from a Hall of Fame career, and offers some firsthand stories!

2017-07-10 | WWE | The Hottest Thing Going
Razor Ramon comments on his early quest to add some more gold to his already shimmering collection.

2017-07-10 | WWE | Nothing Comes Easy
Listen as Razor Ramon shares a sharp perspective on his journey to put the Intercontinental Title around his waist.

2017-07-10 | WWE | Climbing That Ladder of Success
See why the hard truth cuts both ways, as Razor Ramon talks about his climb to success in the infamous Ladder Match with Shawn Michaels.