[Best of 1999][Worst of 1999]
1999-10-02 | WWE | WWE Rebellion 1999
In the Main Event, The Rock faces Triple H for the WWE Championship in a Steel Cage Match. Kane vs. Big Show in a No DQ Match and more.
Event Rating: 1.65

[Best of 2000][Worst of 2000]
2000-12-02 | WWE | WWE Rebellion 2000
Kurt Angle defends the WWE Title against Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Rikishi in a Fatal Four-Way Match. The Undertaker and more.
Event Rating: 1.54

[Best of 2001][Worst of 2001]
2001-11-03 | WWE | WWE Rebellion 2001
Stone Cold Steve Austin defends the WWE Championship against The Rock. Edge defends the IC Title in a Steel Cage against Christian.
Event Rating: 1.97

[Best of 2002][Worst of 2002]
2002-10-26 | WWE | WWE Rebellion UK 2002
Edge looks to capture the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar in a Handicap Match as Lesnar teams up with Paul Heyman in Manchester, England.
Event Rating: 1.79