Slam City

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2014-03-17 | WWE | A Big Brawl
John Cena's latest customer is an unreasonable Big Show, and their attitudes (and bodies) collide inside a jumper cable ring!

2014-03-17 | WWE | Hot Enough for Ya?
Kane serves up meatloaf to a bratty kid who wants his lunch a little hotter than usual. The devil's favorite demon is happy to oblige!

2014-03-17 | WWE | Alberto The Barista
Coffee house barista extraordinaire Alberto Del Rio finds himself at odds with a very unsatisfied customer in Damien Sandow.

2014-03-17 | WWE | Auto-Tude Adjustment
After being fired from the WWE by a mysterious masked man, The Finisher, John Cena takes a job as a mechanic at a local auto repair shop.

2014-03-17 | WWE | Cafeteria Chaos
Santino Marella arrives to try to take Kane's job as chef, but the Big Red Monster won't give up his post so easily.

2014-03-31 | WWE | The Crossing Guard
When traffic refuses to stop to allow school children to cross safely, Rey Mysterio springs into action to clear the way.

2014-03-31 | WWE | Surround Pound and Stadium Pt 1
Theater usher Sheamus confronts the most obnoxious theater-goer ever, Brock Lesnar, resulting in them being thrown into the movie itself!

2014-03-31 | WWE | Cold...Stone Cold
A visit from WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has Alberto Del Rio scrambling to figure out how to prepare a Stone Cold latte.

2014-04-20 | WWE | Perky the Penguin
Chuck E. Cheese's(R) style host Mark Henry battles an evil animatronic penguin for the soul of the kids birthday pizza haven.

2014-05-12 | WWE | The Finisher
Behind the scenes at WWE, THE FINISHER reveals his dastardly plan - imprisoning Mr. McMahon and stealing the WWE Championship!

2014-05-12 | WWE | Surround Pound and Stadium Pt 2
Sheamus and Brock Lesnar roll into the old west as they continue to battle over who's in charge of the movie. Sets up for an epic conclusion

2014-05-12 | WWE | Sundae in the Park With Punk
CM Punk accidentally spills onto the Miz's pristine business suit, and a battle over who should pay the dry cleaning bill ensues.

2014-05-12 | WWE | Battle for the Streets
Rey Mysterio is challenged by Damien Sandow over who is more qualified to take care of the children and grandmothers crossing the street.

2014-08-11 | WWE | Between a Rock and a Pizza: Pt 1
Mark Henry and The Rock battle over a pizza, only to be outwitted by an animatronic penguin!

2014-09-08 | WWE | Surround, Pound and Stadium Pt
Sheamus and Brock roll through a variety of movie genres before finally winding up back in SLAM CITY, much to the audience's delight.

2014-09-08 | WWE | Who Is the Apex Serpent?
Santino's search for employment leads him to the Slam City Zoo!

2014-09-08 | WWE | Resistant Gorilla
Randy Orton rules the zoo with an iron fist, but an unruly gorilla resists bath time. What's an Apex Predator to do?

2014-09-08 | WWE | We All Scream for Ice Cream
CM Punk brawls with Damien Sandow over the value of wisdom cream. Punk leads Sandow brilliantly into a trap with 'The Monster' Kane.

2014-09-08 | WWE | Coffee Showdown
Alberto challenges Miz to duel after the cocky Superstar threatens to use the facilities without making a purchase. Coffee house blasphemy!

2014-09-15 | WWE | WWE Slam City The Beginning
WWE Slam City is an animated show featuring a character The Finisher who fires all of the WWE Superstars which forces them to find day jobs.

2014-09-22 | WWE | The Wandering Nomad
Unable to find a job in Slam City, Santino wanders the streets alone until a happy accident puts him in the most unlikely employment.

2014-09-22 | WWE | Best Dessert in the World
When Mark Henry shows up for some ice cream, CM Punk can't resist poking The Bear, but the result is damage to Punk's prized ice cream cart.

2014-09-22 | WWE | Recipe for Disaster
Daniel Bryan visits his old Tag Team partner Kane's kitchen, desperate to find an old recipe. But Rey Mysterio has designs on a food fight!

2014-09-22 | WWE | Between a Rock and a Pizza: Pt
Mark Henry and The Rock team up to chase down and defeat the animatronic penguin army once and for all!

2014-10-13 | WWE | Randy Gets His Goat
An alarm in the Slam City Zoo means Randy Orton must tame goatman Daniel Bryan.

2014-10-27 | WWE | Finale Part One
As John Cena closes up shop for the night, The Finisher is caught with his hand in the cookie jar stealing the WWE Championship.

2014-11-03 | WWE | Finale Part Two
The Finisher has captured John Cena in his dastardly trap, but The Rock makes a surprise entrance and the two team up to defeat the villain.

2014-11-08 | WWE | Slam City The Full Collection
WWE Slam City is an animated show featuring a character, The Finisher, who fires all of the WWE Superstars forcing them to find day jobs.