Stampede Wrestling

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1978-11-12 | STAMPEDE | Stampede 11-12-78
Bret and Keith Hart chase championship gold as The Hart Brothers battle The Castillos for the vacant International Tag Team Titles.

1978-12-15 | STAMPEDE | Stampede 12-15-78
Bret and Keith Hart face the Cuban Assassins for the International Tag Team Titles in a 2 Out of 3 Falls match. Plus, Dynamite Kid and more!

[Best of 1979][Worst of 1979]
1979-01-19 | STAMPEDE | Stampede 01-19-79
Jim Neidhart shows his fighting spirit when Gilbert Hayes faces Big Daddy Ritter for the North American Title. Plus, Dynamite Kid and more!

1979-06-15 | STAMPEDE | Stampede 06-15-79
Dynamite Kid and Big Daddy Ritter take on Terry Sawyer and Jake Roberts in the main event. Plus, Bret Hart battles Jim Neidhart and more!

1979-06-22 | STAMPEDE | Stampede 06-22-79
Jake Roberts goes one-on-one with Big Daddy Ritter in the main event. Plus, Bret Hart, Dynamite Kid, and many more in action!

1979-07-27 | STAMPEDE | Stampede 07-27-79
Jake Roberts battles Big Daddy Ritter for the Stampede North American Title in a Ladder Match. Plus, the Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, and more!