Sting: The Icon Defined

[Best of 1988][Worst of 1988]
1988-01-02 | J CROCKETT | The Natural Rivalry Begins
Two icons of the National Wrestling Alliance clash when Sting challenges Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

1988-03-27 | J CROCKETT | A Clash to Remember
Clash of the Champions - Sting pushes himself to the limit in an epic battle with Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

1988-06-08 | J CROCKETT | Saddling Up Against The Horsemen
Clash of the Champions II - Sting unites with Dusty Rhodes to challenge Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard for the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

1988-11-25 | J CROCKETT | Battling The Road Warriors
The partnership of Sting and Lex Luger proves to be the real total package when they team up to take on The Road Warriors.

[Best of 1989][Worst of 1989]
1989-06-03 | WCW | A Volatile Situation
World Championship Wrestling 859 - Terry Funk's flagrant disrespect for Ric Flair incurs the wrath of Sting.

1989-12-13 | WCW | Two Painted Warriors
Starrcade 1989 - Sting looks to settle a score with The Great Muta by going one-on-one with his fellow painted rival.

[Best of 1991][Worst of 1991]
1991-11-10 | WCW | Truth or Consequences
Sting shows the world that there is no quit in him when he goes one-on-one with Cactus Jack in a Submission Match.

[Best of 1992][Worst of 1992]
1992-05-17 | WCW | War is a Dangerous Game
WrestleWar 1992 - Sting leads his Squadron into battle against Paul E. Dangerously's Dangerous Alliance in a memorable WarGames Match.

1992-12-28 | WCW | Monsters and Kings
Starrcade 1992 - In a match to determine the 'King of Cable', Sting goes one-on-one with a true monster in Big Van Vader.

[Best of 1994][Worst of 1994]
1994-05-22 | WCW | Earning the Gold
Slamboree 1994 - Sting proves his measure as a man by facing Big Van Vader for the vacant WCW International World Heavyweight Championship.

[Best of 1996][Worst of 1996]
1996-09-16 | WCW | Taking a Stand
Nitro 53 - With the shadow of Hollywood Hogan's New World Order falling over WCW, Sting takes a stand against this poisonous faction.

1996-10-21 | WCW | The Real Sting's Choice
Nitro 58 - While the nWo parades an imposter around WCW, the real Sting shows up to make an important decision.

[Best of 1997][Worst of 1997]
1997-03-16 | WCW | Justice Comes for The nWo
Uncensored 1997 - Sting serves up justice to Hollywood Hogan and his New World Order when they battle the best of WCW.

[Best of 1998][Worst of 1998]
1998-03-15 | WCW | The Tyranny of Evil Men
Uncensored 1998 - Sting puts the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Scott Hall of the New World Order.

1998-06-14 | WCW | Wolfpac Representing
Great American Bash 1998 - Sting represents nWo Wolfpac in a match against nWo Hollywood's The Giant.

1998-09-14 | WCW | Who's Next? STING!!!
Nitro 157 - Sting takes to the ring to challenge the undefeated Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

1998-10-19 | WCW | Submission Specialists
Nitro 162 - Bret Hart's Sharpshooter goes head-to-head against Sting's Scorpion Death Lock in a memorable confrontation.

[Best of 2000][Worst of 2000]
2000-11-16 | WCW | European Cup Finals
At WCW Millennium Final, Sting battles Kevin Nash in finals of the European Cup. For English subtitles, turn on closed captioning.

[Best of 2001][Worst of 2001]
2001-03-26 | WCW | Farewell to an Era
Nitro 288 - The final edition of Monday Nitro comes to a fitting end in a match between two storied rivals in Ric Flair and Sting.

[Best of 2014][Worst of 2014]
2014-11-23 | WWE | A Vigilante Arrives in WWE
Survivor Series 2014 - The Authority's reign of terror comes crashing down when Sting arrives in WWE to serve up some vigilante justice.

[Best of 2015][Worst of 2015]
2015-02-22 | WWE | Confronting The Game
Fastlane 2015 - Despite his best efforts to resolve the tensions between them, Triple H learns exactly what Sting wants.

2015-03-29 | WWE | 14 Years in the Making
WrestleMania - History is made when Sting takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Triple H on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-04-02 | WWE | An Iconic Induction
WWE Hall of Fame - The legendary career of Sting is immortalized when The Icon is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016.

[Best of 2017][Worst of 2017]
2017-09-04 | WWE | Sting on Facing The Pressure
Sting remembers his battles with The Great Muta and relives his meteoric rise to the top of his profession.

2017-09-04 | WWE | Sting on a Changing Landscape
Gain a unique perspective into Sting's rivalry with Big Van Vader and the rise of the menacing New World Order from The Icon himself.

2017-09-04 | WWE | Sting on the Booming Business
As one of WCW's brightest stars at the height of their popularity, Sting comments on this exciting and memorable time.

2017-09-04 | WWE | Sting on Finally Making The Jump
Sting reflects back on WCW's final days, his long awaited arrival in WWE, and his experience competing at WrestleMania.

2017-09-04 | WWE | Sting on The Perfect Ending
With his in-ring career coming to an end, Sting reflects on all his triumphs on his road to the WWE Hall of Fame.

2017-09-04 | WWE | Sting: The Icon Defined Intro
Sting looks back at his historic career to reflect on legendary rivals and memorable matches in WWE Network's newest Collection.

2017-09-04 | WWE | Sting on His First Big Rivalry
Sting shares some unique insight into his early career and his first major rivalry with Ric Flair.

2017-09-04 | WWE | Sting on Flair and Dusty
Sting reflects on his battle with Ric Flair at Clash of the Champions and shares his memories of working alongside Dusty Rhodes.