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2002-06-03 | WWE | Back in Black
RAW 471 - Kevin Nash lives up to the hype by introducing the WWE Universe to the newest addition to the nWo, Shawn Michaels.

2002-06-10 | WWE | Something's Missing
RAW 472 - In an effort to kick start the nWo in a new direction, Shawn Michaels looks to excommunicate the odd man out.

2002-06-23 | WWE | Old Friends
King of the Ring 2002 - Before taking to the ring to reclaim championship gold, Triple H comes face-to-face with some old friends.

2002-07-08 | WWE | The Ultimatum
RAW 476 - Shawn Michaels looks to rebuild the core of the nWo by sending Triple H an invitation he can't refuse.

2002-07-21 | WWE | A Raw Deal
Vengeance 2002 - Despite the nWo being disbanded, Shawn Michaels looks to reunite The Kliq by trying to convince Triple H to join RAW.

2002-07-22 | WWE | Two Words... Double Cross
RAW 478 - After D-Generation X reunite for one brief instance, Triple H unveils a master plan that leaves the WWE Universe heartbroken.

2002-07-22 | WWE | Managerial Decisions
RAW 478 - To prevent Shawn Michaels and Triple H from taking over RAW, Eric Bischoff makes HBK serve as The Game's manager.

2002-07-29 | WWE | Hunting The Game
RAW 479 - Shawn Michaels is out for revenge on Triple H after The Game's shocking betrayal, but HBK's night ends in more heartbreak.

2002-08-05 | WWE | A Heartbreaking Revelation
RAW 480 - Triple H searches for clues concerning the attack on Shawn Michaels, but HBK forces The Game to face the music.

2002-08-12 | WWE | It's Just Business
RAW 481 - Triple H shares his motivations for turning his back on the WWE Universe and his former best friend, Shawn Michaels.

2002-08-19 | WWE | A Personal Contract
RAW 482 - Triple H covers his bases when he demands that Shawn Michaels sign a contract freeing The Game of all liability at SummerSlam.

2002-08-19 | WWE | HBK Is Here To Fight
RAW 482 - Shawn Michaels makes a strong statement before SummerSlam when he makes his presence felt in Triple H's match against The Rock.

2002-08-25 | WWE | Unsanctioned Street Fight
SummerSlam 2002 - For the first time in years, Shawn Michaels returns to in-ring competition to take on Triple H in a Non-Sanctioned Match.

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2016-08-15 | WWE | Subscriber's Choice Intro
'SummerSlam's Most Heated Rivalry', a WWE Network Subscriber's Choice Collection featuring Shawn Michaels and Triple H from SummerSlam 2002.