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2015-08-29 | WWE | Seth Rollins
WWE Superstar Seth Rollins reveals the personal meanings behind his tattoos in a conversation with Corey Graves.

2015-09-05 | WWE | King Barrett
King Barrett comes down off his throne to talk to Corey Graves about the seminal UK rock band whose lyrics he has tattooed on his shoulder.

2015-09-12 | WWE | Big Show
Corey Graves boards Big Show's Bus to learn the origin of his giant tiger piece.

2015-09-19 | WWE | Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston discusses how his heritage inspired his tattoos and his ability to fly.

2015-09-26 | WWE | Roman Reigns Part 1
In the first part of this special edition of Superstar Ink, Roman Reigns reveals why his traditional Samoan tattoo is so important to him.

2015-10-03 | WWE | Roman Reigns Part 2
In part 2 of this special edition of Superstar Ink, Roman Reigns discusses his most personal piece of body art.

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2016-07-25 | WWE | Kevin Owens
Corey Graves sits down with Kevin Owens for a discussion on what The Prizefighter’s tattoos mean to him.

2016-08-01 | WWE | Enzo Amore
Corey Graves sits down with 'The Realest Guy in the Room' Enzo Amore to discover the personal meaning behind his tattoos.

2016-08-08 | WWE | Paige
Corey Graves meets up with Paige at the Empire State Tattoo Expo in New York City to find out about the rebellious Superstar's tattoos.

2016-08-15 | WWE | Baron Corbin
Corey Graves sits down with Baron Corbin to learn about The Lone Wolf's tattoos.

2016-08-22 | WWE | Charlotte
Charlotte speaks with Corey Graves about how family and friendship have influenced her tattoos.

2016-08-29 | WWE | AJ Styles
For the first time ever on Superstar Ink, a Superstar gets a tattoo! Join Corey Graves to see 'The Phenomenal One' get inked up.

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2017-06-15 | WWE | Goldust
WWE Superstar Goldust gets a tattoo in memory of his late father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes.

2017-06-29 | WWE | Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho sits down with Corey Graves to discuss the rock bands that inspired his tattoo sleeve, then adds some new ink to his arm.

2017-07-13 | WWE | Fandango
Fandango sits down with Corey Graves to discuss some of his rarely seen tattoos.

2017-07-27 | WWE | Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy discusses his tattoos, including a pair of twin demons and an intricate root system that runs along the right half of his body.

2017-08-10 | WWE | Luke Gallows
Luke Gallows gets a new tattoo honoring the competitors he formed the original Club with in Japan.