The Incomparable Mr. Fuji

[Best of 1974][Worst of 1974]
1974-09-22 | WWE | Mr. Fuji vs. Bruno Sammartino
In a non-title match, Mr. Fuji's underhanded tactics make him a fierce opponent for WWE Champion Bruno Sammartino.

[Best of 1977][Worst of 1977]
1977-10-24 | WWE | Teaming With The Professor
The legendary duo of Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against Chief Jay Strongbow and High Chief Peter Maivia.

[Best of 1981][Worst of 1981]
1981-10-13 | WWE | Fuji and Saito Look For Gold
Mr. Fuji employs a salty strategy when he and Mr. Saito challenge Tony Garea and Rick Martel for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

[Best of 1982][Worst of 1982]
1982-07-13 | WWE | Battling The Strongbows
In a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match, Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito battle Jules and Chief Jay Strongbow for the vacant WWE Tag Team Championships.

[Best of 1984][Worst of 1984]
1984-06-12 | WWE | Turning Japanese
Tuesday Night Titans 02 - Vince McMahon receives a one of a kind lesson in the ways of Japanese culture, courtesy of Mr. Fuji.

[Best of 1985][Worst of 1985]
1985-09-27 | WWE | Fuji Productions
From parodies of Miami Vice to General Hospital, the hilarious duo of Mr. Fuji and Don Muraco give Hollywood A-listers a new meaning.

[Best of 1986][Worst of 1986]
1986-06-25 | WWE | Stand Up Guys
Mr. Fuji and Don Muraco prove why wrestlers shouldn't quit their day jobs when they try their luck at stand-up comedy.

1986-11-24 | WWE | Citizen Cane
Hillbilly Jim learns the hard way that Mr. Fuji's cane is used for more than just walking when he takes on 'The Magnificent' Don Muraco.

[Best of 1988][Worst of 1988]
1988-03-27 | WWE | Demolishing Strike Force
WrestleMania IV - Mr. Fuji looks to lead Demolition to championship gold when they challenge Strike Force for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

[Best of 1993][Worst of 1993]
1993-04-04 | WWE | Salt of the Earth
WrestleMania IX - Mr. Fuji looks to add some spice to Yokozuna's attempt to secure the WWE Championship from Bret Hart.

1993-06-13 | WWE | Fuji's Champion
King of the Ring 1993 - With the sneaky Mr. Fuji in his corner, Yokozuna challenges Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship.

[Best of 2007][Worst of 2007]
2007-03-31 | WWE | The Induction of The Devious One
WWE Hall of Fame 2007 - Mr. Fuji's legendary tenure in Sports Entertainment is immortalized when he is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

[Best of 2014][Worst of 2014]
2014-06-24 | WWE | A Mountain of a Manager
Countdown's Magnificent Managers - See why the devious nature of Mr. Fuji made him one of the most magnificent managers of all time.

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-09-02 | WWE | The Incomparable Mr. Fuji Intro
Celebrate the incomparable career of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji in this entertaining WWE Network Collection!