The New Day: Feel The Positivity

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2014-07-21 | WWE | Some Positive Advice
RAW 1104 - After Kofi Kingston and Big E suffer another defeat, Xavier Woods gives the duo some advice that will change their lives forever.

2014-11-03 | WWE | It's a New Day, Yes It Is!
The WWE Universe gets their first taste of true positivity in a series of vignettes hyping the debut of The New Day.

[Best of 2015][Worst of 2015]
2015-04-06 | WWE | Clapping Away The Haters
RAW 1141 - In response to their initial reactions from the WWE Universe, The New Day explains that they take to clapping to avoid snapping.

2015-04-26 | WWE | New Day?NEW CHAMPS!!!
Extreme Rules 2015 - After months of clapping away negativity from the WWE Universe, The New Day celebrate becoming WWE Tag Team Champions.

2015-04-27 | WWE | A Chant for the People
RAW 1144 - To quell the sounds of 'New Day Sucks' from the WWE Universe, The New Day teaches the fans a more uplifting chant.

2015-06-25 | WWE | Bo-Lieve in The New Day
SmackDown 827 - After receiving a sermon in the power of 'Bo-Lieving', The New Day teach Bo Dallas a powerful lesson of their own.

2015-08-10 | WWE | You Can't Bring The New Day Down
RAW 1159 - The power of positivity proves stronger than negativity when The New Day receives some bad news regarding SummerSlam.

2015-08-24 | WWE | The Debut of Francesca
RAW 1161 - The WWE Universe discovers the power of The New Day's musical abilities when they are introduced to Francesca the Trombone.

2015-08-26 | WWE | A Positive Interview
Michael Cole's efforts to have a serious interview with The New Day are thwarted by the power of positivity.

2015-09-03 | WWE | Save The Tables
SmackDown 837 - With their adventures in Dudleyville just beginning, The New Day starts a crusade to 'Save the Tables'.

2015-09-07 | WWE | Playing a Different Tune
RAW 1163 - When The New Day comes face-to-face with Edge and Christian, a battle between trombone and kazoo begins.

2015-09-28 | WWE | Hustle, Loyalty, Booty?
RAW 1166 - The New Day proves they can go toe-to-toe with John Cena on the mic when they answer his United States Title Open Challenge.

2015-10-01 | WWE | 'Seth's The Man'
SmackDown 841 - In an attempt to encourage Seth Rollins for action, The New Day teach The Architect the power of positivity.

2015-12-28 | WWE | Going Too Far?
RAW 1179 - While The New Day vocalizes their willingness to take on anyone, Xavier Woods takes things little too far.

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-01-11 | WWE | Yes 2 The New Day
RAW 1181 - Tensions rise when The New Day takes it upon themselves to try and 'save' Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel.

2016-01-18 | WWE | A Eulogy for Francesca
RAW 1182 - With Francesca the Trombone being broken by Chris Jericho, The New Day holds a funeral for their fourth member.

2016-01-23 | WWE | The New Day on SportsCenter
This Week in WWE 365 - Witness a special look at Jonathan Coachman's encounter with The New Day on SportsCenter.

2016-01-25 | WWE | New Day Rocks?
RAW 1183 - When The Rock returns to Monday Night RAW, The New Day decides to show The Great One what the power of positivity is cooking.

2016-02-03 | WWE | Evaluating Michael Cole
In another less than serious interview, Michael Cole's position in WWE is evaluated by The New Day.

2016-02-21 | WWE | The New Day Reeks of Awesomeness
Fastlane 2016 - The past meets the present when The New Day crashes the return of The Cutting Edge Peep Show.

2016-02-25 | WWE | Enemies of Positivity
SmackDown 862 - In a hilarious display of unity, The New Day sends a message to all the enemies of positivity.

2016-04-03 | WWE | Out of the Box
WrestleMania 32 - The New Day literally steps out of the box to deliver one of the most memorable entrances in WrestleMania history.

2016-04-04 | WWE | The New Day After WrestleMania
RAW 1193 - After making an incredible impact at WrestleMania, The New Day takes to the ring to address the WWE Universe.

2016-04-28 | WWE | A Front-Row Seat
SmackDown 871 - The New Day takes over the announce position to provide some unusual commentary when Enzo and Cass face The Social Outcasts.

2016-05-01 | WWE | An Offer of Payback
Payback 2016 - As The New Day waits to see who will challenge them for the WWE Tag Team Titles, Xavier Woods makes Beyonce a special offer.

2016-05-16 | WWE | Time Machine Back to The New Day
RAW 1199 - To prepare for an upcoming battle against The Vaudevillains, The New Day uses a Time Machine to visit the 'Bygone Era'.

2016-05-30 | WWE | Dancing with Authority
RAW 1201 - The New Day capitalizes on the sibling rivalry between Shane and Stephanie McMahon by hosting a special dance-off between them.

2016-06-02 | WWE | Positively Phenomenal
SmackDown 876 - The New Day continue to show the power of positivity in face-to-face confrontation with AJ Styles and his Club.

2016-06-13 | WWE | Kofi's 'Old Man' Shoes
RAW 1203 - While The New Day exchanges words with some top tag teams, the WWE Universe can't help but notice Kofi's 'old man' shoes.

2016-06-29 | WWE | The New Day Follows The Buzzards
RAW 1205 - The New Day strays dangerously close to annihilation by giving the WWE Universe an impersonation of The Wyatt Family.

2016-07-25 | WWE | The New Day's New Member
RAW 1209 - The New Day commemorates another milestone by adding an honorary member to their trio but Gallows and Anderson crash the party.

2016-08-29 | WWE | Hugs and Positivity
RAW 1214 - While getting acquainted with the RAW Roster, Bayley forms a positively powerful alliance with The New Day.

2016-11-07 | WWE | Bravehearts
RAW 1224 - In effort to rally Team RAW behind them heading into Survivor Series, The New Day channel a memorable scene from Braveheart.

2016-12-12 | WWE | Celebrating a Milestone
RAW 1229 - Things get a little messy when the RAW Roster celebrates The New Day becoming the longest Tag Team Champions in WWE history.

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2017-02-06 | WWE | The New Day Intro
Don't you dare be sour! Sit back and enjoy the hilarious antics of The New Day in this WWE Network Collection!