Total Bellas

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2016-10-05 | WWE | S1 E01: The Cena House Rules
In the series premiere, Brie and Bryan move into John Cena's house to take care of Nicole after her surgery.

2016-10-12 | WWE | S1 E02: Quickie Fix
When a rut in the bedroom causes Brie and Bryan to take out their frustrations on each other, Nicole comes up with an idea to help them.

2016-10-19 | WWE | S1 E03: Who's the Boss?
Nicole is determined to help Bryan figure out his next steps after retirement. JJ considers quitting his job to pursue a wrestling career.

2016-10-26 | WWE | S1 E04: Bryan's Breaking Point
Bryan gets caught in the middle of a disagreement between Nicole and Brie, causing him to leave the Cena house.

2016-11-02 | WWE | S1 E05: Bella Family Secrets
As Brie heads home to be there for Bryan, Nicole wonders if Brie's career should come first. Johnny reveals a secret Kathy has been keeping.

2016-11-09 | WWE | S1 E06: Wedding Mania
Emotions run high in the days leading up to Kathy and Johnny's wedding as well as Brie's retirement WrestleMania match fast approaching.