Undertaker 25 Phenomenal Years

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2015-11-16 | WWE | Burn In Hell
In a horrific foreshadowing of things to come, Kane and Paul Bearer add fuel to their rivalry with The Undertaker with a grave decision.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Now is Not the Time
When The Ultimate Warrior shows no fear as the first guest on The Funeral Parlor, The Undertaker lays him to rest inside a special gift.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Undertaker Resurrection
Kane and Paul Bearer discover that you can't kill what is already dead as The Undertaker returns from the grave to confront his brother.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Last Rites for Big Show
When The Undertaker administers the Big Show's Last Rites, it is those closest to The World's Largest Athlete who suffer for his sins.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Legends Undertakers Rivals Pt 1
JBL brings together a star-studded panel to celebrate 25 years of The Undertaker in this first of two exclusive Legends with JBL episodes.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Undertakers Gravest Matches
Relive 25 years of the Undertaker's most dangerous matches. Descend into the darkness, as The Dead Man battles caskets, flames and cells!

2015-11-16 | WWE | Legends Undertakers Rivals Pt 2
JBL and his esteemed panel of Steve Austin, HHH, and HBK tell never-before-heard stories from The Undertaker's remarkable career.

2015-11-16 | WWE | The Year of the Casket
The Undertaker proves there is no rest for the dead as he toils away in his private workshop to create a casket to hold Yokozuna.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Double Wide Double Deep
The result of all The Undertaker's hours of sweat and toil is realized as Paul Bearer reveals the completion of Yokozuna's casket.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Paul Bearer Hall of Fame
A special look at the career and legacy of WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014 Inductee, Paul Bearer.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Diesels Fate is Sealed
Before confronting Diesel at WrestleMania, The Undertaker informs Big Daddy Cool that his once shining star will soon fade into the shadows.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Undertakers Workshop
Journey to The Undertaker's private workshop as he constructs a special casket to hold the remains of his next opponent, Kamala.

2015-11-16 | WWE | The Case is Closed
The mystery of The Undertaker's whereabouts continues as Leslie Nielsen searches far and wide for any sign of The Deadman.

2015-11-16 | WWE | The Search for the Undertaker
In an effort to track down the whereabouts of The Undertaker, Leslie Nielsen embarks on a series of exploits in search of The Deadman.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Spine Tingling Entrance
WWE Superstars and Legends discuss the unparalleled power and supernatural energy behind The Undertaker's bone-chilling entrance.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Tombstone Rest in Peace
WWE Superstars and Legends discuss the lasting impact and devastating effects of Undertaker's dreaded finisher, The Tombstone Piledriver.

2015-11-16 | WWE | The Final Nail
Return to The Undertaker's private workshop as The Deadman and Paul Bearer reveal Kamala's final resting place.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Master of Mindgames
On hallowed ground, The Undertaker warns Paul Bearer and Mankind of the grave consequences of their sins against him.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Rest In Peace Brother
On another edition of The Funeral Parlor, Hulk Hogan receives a message from his gravest challenge as The Undertaker vows to take his soul.

2015-11-16 | WWE | The Journey Awaits
On another edition of The Funeral Parlor, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer foretell the doom that awaits Kamala at Survivor Series.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Rest In Peace
With a deathly promise of things to come, Paul Bearer invites the WWE Universe to rest in peace in the debut of his Funeral Parlor.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Rest In Peace Giant
The Undertaker returns to the graveyard to show Giant Gonzalez what awaits him after their match at WrestleMania.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Lord of Darkness Revealed
The Undertaker journeys deeper into the dark side with an ungodly ritualistic ceremony to usher in his new Ministry of Darkness.

2015-11-16 | WWE | 25 Phenomenal Years
In a career spanning over two decades, Undertaker gives some rare insight into what its like performing on the grandest stage of them all.

2015-11-16 | WWE | The Black Wedding
The bells of unholy matrimony toll throughout WWE as The Undertaker seeks to wed Stephanie McMahon in an event known as 'The Black Wedding'.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Rest in Peace Vickie
The Undertaker proves that the darkness will make the brazen individuals run for cover as Edge sacrifices romance for the sake of his soul.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Buckle Up Teddy
Teddy Long's transgressions against The Undertaker earn him a chauffeured journey on the Highway to Hell, courtesy of The Deadman.

2015-11-16 | WWE | Undertaker Ascension
After defeating The Undertaker in a Casket Match, Yokozuna learns that what is dead shall never rest in peace, but rise again stronger.

2015-11-17 | WWE | Undertaker 25 Phenomenal Years
Journey back through 25 years of the most memorable and unforgettable moments in the career of WWE's one and only 'Phenom', The Undertaker.