[Best of 1998][Worst of 1998]
1998-04-26 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 1998
Kane faces The Undertaker in the first ever Inferno Match. Dude Love takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE Championship and more.
Event Rating: 1.75

[Best of 1999][Worst of 1999]
1999-09-26 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 1999
Triple H, The Rock, Mankind, Kane, The Big Show and The British Bulldog compete in a Six-Pack Challenge for the vacant WWE Title.
Event Rating: 0.92

[Best of 2000][Worst of 2000]
2000-09-24 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2000
The Rock defends the WWE Title in a Fatal Four Way Match. Triple H battles Kurt Angle in a No DQ Match with Mick Foley as referee.
Event Rating: 1.89

[Best of 2001][Worst of 2001]
2001-09-23 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2001
Will Kurt Angle dethrone WWE Champion, Steve Austin? The Rock faces Booker T and Shane McMahon in a Handicap Match for the WCW Title.
Event Rating: 2.53

[Best of 2002][Worst of 2002]
2002-09-22 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2002
Brock Lesnar defends the WWE Championship against The Undertaker. Rob Van Dam faces Triple H for the World Title. Kane, Booker T, and more.
Event Rating: 2.61

[Best of 2003][Worst of 2003]
2003-09-21 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2003
Goldberg puts his career on the line against Triple H's World Title. Randy Orton battles Shawn Michaels. Christian, RVD, and more.
Event Rating: 2.25

[Best of 2004][Worst of 2004]
2004-09-12 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2004
Randy Orton defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H. Shawn Michaels vs. Kane. Christian vs. Chris Jericho and more.
Event Rating: 1.17

[Best of 2005][Worst of 2005]
2005-09-18 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2005
Huge night featuring the Raw Superstars. John Cena defends the WWE Title against Kurt Angle. Matt Hardy vs. Edge in a Steel Cage Match.
Event Rating: 2.21

[Best of 2006][Worst of 2006]
2006-09-17 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2006
John Cena faces Edge in a TLC Match for the WWE Championship. DX battles the McMahons and Big Show in a Hell In A Cell Match and more.
Event Rating: 2.50

[Best of 2007][Worst of 2007]
2007-09-16 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2007
John Cena vs Randy Orton for WWE Championship. Triple Threat Match for World Title Great Khali vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio.
Event Rating: 1.22

[Best of 2008][Worst of 2008]
2008-09-07 | WWE | WWE Unforgiven 2008
World Title Scramble Match: Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs JBL vs Chris Jericho. WWE Championship Scramble.
Event Rating: 2.67