[Best of 2015][Worst of 2015]
2015-07-18 | WWE | Rollins in a Half Shell
Seth Rollins plays Turtles in Time while talking his gaming habits, reign as WWE Champion, his CrossFit regimen and more!

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-01-10 | WWE | Madden Tournament Finals
Reigning Madden Champion Seth Rollins takes on Jack Swagger in the finals of our Madden NFL 16 Tournament!

2016-02-07 | WWE | Mortal Makeup Showdown
Bayley and Sasha Banks take their rivalry to Mortal Kombat X! The winner gets the UUDD Power Glove and the loser gets a makeover.

2016-03-15 | WWE | UUDD is Jericho! - Part 2
Chris Jericho tells the story of how the arcade wrestling game Exciting Hour nearly cost him his first job.

2016-03-15 | WWE | UUDD is Jericho! - Part 1
Chris Jericho comes to UpUpDownDown to play Ms. Pac Man and Frogger with Austin Creed while telling tales of his gaming history.

2016-04-02 | WWE | WWE 2k16 Big Screen Battle!
Bayley and AJ Styles join Austin Creed and Tyler Breeze as UpUpDownDown takes over ATT Stadium to play WWE 2K16 on the REALLY BIG screen!

2016-05-16 | WWE | Lass Kicker Kombat - Part 2
Becky Lynch discusses her love for seasonal candy and the four types of sandwiches she would eat as a kid in Ireland.

2016-05-16 | WWE | Lass Kicker Kombat - Part 1
Becky Lynch plays Mortal Kombat X?s Test Your Might Mode with Austin Creed while showcasing her pun skills.