[Best of 1982][Worst of 1982]
1982-10-16 | WCCW | WCCW 43
Michael Hayes takes on the Great Renesto in the main event. David Von Erich vs. Frank Dusek. World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and more.

1982-11-06 | WCCW | WCCW 46
Kevin Von Erich takes on Wild Bill Irwin in the Main Event. The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Gran Marcus and the Destroyer. Great Kabuki and more.

1982-11-20 | WCCW | WCCW 48
Kerry Von Erich vs Killer Tim Brooks. Freebirds vs Great Kabuki and Magic Dragon. David Von Erich vs Destroyer II and much more.

1982-12-04 | WCCW | WCCW 50
Kerry Von Erich and Brian Adidas vs Magic Dragon and Checkmate. Al Madril vs Great Kabuki. Von Erich family duck hunting trip and more.

1982-12-11 | WCCW | WCCW 51
In the Main Event Kevin Von Erich faces King Kong Bundy. A verbal meeting between Ric Flair and Fritz Von Erich. Great Kabuki and more.

1982-12-18 | WCCW | WCCW 52
David Von Erich vs Great Kabuki for All Asian Title. Bugsy McGraw and Al Madril vs Checkmate and Magic Dragon. Flair vs Von Erich preview.

1982-12-27 | WCCW | WCCW 53
Freebirds team with David Von Erich to go after WCCW Six Man Tag Team Title. 18 man Battle Royal Pole Match with King Kong Bundy.

1982-12-28 | WCCW | WCCW 54
History-making matchup pits Ric Flair against Kerry Von Erich for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

[Best of 1983][Worst of 1983]
1983-01-15 | WCCW | WCCW 55
Andre the Giant, Bugsy McGraw and Kerry Von Erich vs Terry Gordy, King Kong Bundy, and Bill Irwin in the main event. Michael Hayes and more.

1983-01-22 | WCCW | WCCW 56
Kevin Von Erich faces the massive King Kong Bundy. Brian Adias vs. Terry Gordy. Highlights of Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich in a steel cage.

1983-01-29 | WCCW | WCCW 57
In the Main Event Bugsy Mcgraw and Al Madril face King Kong Bundy and Great Kabuki. Michael Hayes vs. Jose Lothario. Great Yatsu and more.

1983-02-05 | WCCW | WCCW 58
In the main event Kevin Von Erich defends the American Heavyweight Title against Terry Gordy. Brian Adias vs. The Great Yatsu and more.

1983-02-26 | WCCW | WCCW 61
The Fabulous Freebirds face the Von Erichs in a Lumberjack Match in the Main Event. King Kong Bundy vs. Magic Dragon. Jimmy Garvin and more.

1983-03-05 | WCCW | WCCW 62
In the main event David Von Erich takes on Freebird Buddy Roberts. King Parsons vs. The Dragon. Great Kabuki, Jimmy Garvin, and more.

1983-03-19 | WCCW | WCCW 64
In the main event Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin faces David Von Erich for the Texas Title. Iceman King Parsons vs. Buddy Roberts and more.

1983-03-26 | WCCW | WCCW 65
Main Event puts the Fabulous Freebirds against Kevin and Kerry Von Erich in a Texas Tornado Match. Jimmy Garvin vs. Jose Lothario and more.

1983-04-02 | WCCW | WCCW 66
David Von Erich battles Freebird Buddy Roberts. Iceman King Parsons vs Great Kabuki. Midget Match features Little Cocoa vs Billy the Kid.

1983-04-23 | WCCW | WCCW 69
Kevin Von Erich defends the American Heavyweight Title against Terry Gordy. Chris Adams vs. Tom Renesto Jr. The Fabulous Freebirds and more.

1983-04-30 | WCCW | WCCW 70
The main event features David Von Erich and King Parsons vs. Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts. Chavo Guerrero Sr. Vs Jimmy Garvin and more.

1983-05-07 | WCCW | WCCW 71
The Fabulous Freebirds face King Parsons, Kerry Von Erich, & Chavo Guerrero Sr. in a Penalty Box match. Mike Reed vs. The Mongol and more.

[Best of 1985][Worst of 1985]
1985-01-26 | WCCW | WCCW 161
'Gentleman' Chris Adams faces off with Kerry Von Erich in the main event. Plus, Jim Cornette's Midnight Express, the One Man Gang, and more!

1985-09-29 | WCCW | WCCW 196
Ice Man King Parsons teams with Kerry Von Erich to take on Maniac Mark Lewin and Jack Victory in the main event. From September 29, 1985.

[Best of 1986][Worst of 1986]
1986-08-23 | WCCW | WCCW 243
Mark Youngblood and Brian Adias face Buzz Sawyer and Matt Borne in the main event. Plus, Bruiser Brody, the Dingo Warrior, and many more!

1986-08-30 | WCCW | WCCW 244
'Ravishing' Rick Rude faces an ultimate challenge as he takes on the Dingo Warrior. Plus, Lance Von Erich, the U.S. Express, and more!

1986-09-27 | WCCW | WCCW 248
Dingo Warrior, Matt Borne, and Buzz Sawyer face the Von Erichs in a Six-Man Tag Team main event. Plus, Black Bart, The Grappler, and more!

1986-10-11 | WCCW | WCCW 250
Kevin and Mike Von Erich faceoff against Rick Rude and the Dingo Warrior in a Tag Team main event. Plus, Abdullah the Butcher and many more!

1986-11-01 | WCCW | WCCW 253
Matt Borne goes one-on-one with the Dingo Warrior in an action-packed main event. Plus, Brian Adidas, Master G, and more!

1986-12-06 | WCCW | WCCW 258
Matt Borne and Black Bart faceoff against Tony Atlas and the Dingo Warrior in the main event. Plus, the Von Erichs, Al Madril, and more!

[Best of 1987][Worst of 1987]
1987-04-18 | WCCW | WCCW 277
The Fantastics face The Grappler and Eric Embry in the main event. Plus, the Dingo Warrior defends the Texas Heavyweight Title and more!