WWE Breaking Ground

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2015-10-26 | WWE | S1 E01: Onward and Upward
The road to become a WWE Superstar isn't easy and doesn't go as planned for everyone that walks through the doors of the PC.

2015-11-02 | WWE | S1 E02: New Energy
A group of hopeful athletes try out for an opportunity to train to become WWE Superstars and Divas. The grind begins for a rookie arrival.

2015-11-09 | WWE | S1 E03: Hittin' the Road
NXT Superstars and Divas venture to the Lone Star State for a trio of live events, while Josh is trying to get his footing in Florida.

2015-11-22 | WWE | S1 E04: Tag Team Turmoil
An injury threatens Jason Jordan and Chad Gable's status, while distance keeps The Hype Bros worlds apart. Also, ZZ struggles to train.

2015-11-30 | WWE | S1 E05: Call it a Comeback
As Cal Bishop continues his injury-plagued return, Tino is helping his brother start his own journey to NXT. Tyler Breeze helps the Divas.

2015-12-07 | WWE | S1 E06: Road Trip
NXT Superstars and Divas hit the road for live events in Louisville and Nashville. Also, new international recruit, Lovepreet is welcomed.

2015-12-14 | WWE | S1 E07: Proving Ground
Some NXT talent shine as others fail to make a good impression. Carmella is anxious to return to action, and ZZ gets back to his roots.

2015-12-21 | WWE | S1 E08: Crossroads
Sami Zayn struggles with his place in WWE during recovery, meanwhile Legend Scott Hall visits the PC and imparts his wisdom on the roster.

2015-12-28 | WWE | S1 E09: Countdown
With TakeOver just days away, the stars of NXT are preparing for the biggest night of their careers.

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-01-04 | WWE | S1 E10: Respect
In the Season Finale, all roads lead to NXT TakeOver: Respect, where one Superstar or Diva will be getting the call up to the main roster.

2016-06-08 | WWE | Breaking Ground: Reloaded
Catch up with the Breaking Ground cast and witness the highs and lows of their quest to WWE during a historic WrestleMania weekend.