WWE Unfiltered with Renee Young

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2015-04-28 | WWE | Seth Rollins
In the premiere of Unfiltered, Renee Young hangs out with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for a fun and revealing conversation!

2015-05-06 | WWE | Hot Pursuit
Host Renee Young chats with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara, stars of the new movie, Hot Pursuit, as well as director, Anne Fletcher!

2015-05-12 | WWE | Wiz Khalifa
Renee Young chats with hip hop sensation Wiz Khalifa at a recent WWE event; discussing the artist's career, interests, and his love for WWE!

2015-05-26 | WWE | Bad News Barrett
Renee Young chats with the King of the Ring Bad News Barrett, discussing everything from music, marine biology and everything in between!

2015-06-02 | WWE | Entourage
Renee Young hangs out with the cast of Entourage to discuss their behind-the-scenes experience of the movie in theaters June 3rd!

2015-06-16 | WWE | Darren Young
Renee sits down with Darren Young in this unfiltered and revealing conversation.

2015-06-24 | WWE | Magic Mike XXL
Renee Young sits down with the cast of Magic Mike XXL, including star Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash.

2015-07-01 | WWE | Terminator Genisys
Renee's back! Join the Unfiltered host for an exclusive interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the cast of Terminator Genisys!

2015-07-15 | WWE | Ant Man
Renee Young gets her superhero on. Join the Unfiltered host as she hangs out with star Paul Rudd and the cast of Marvel's Ant Man!

2015-08-05 | WWE | Nikki Bella
Renee Young gets up close and personal with Nikki Bella in this supersized Unfiltered conversation!

2015-08-19 | WWE | Stephen Amell
With his match against Stardust and King Barrett looming, Renee and Stephen discuss everything from Arrow to TMNT 2 to his love of WWE!

2015-09-02 | WWE | Summer Rae
Renee and Summer Rae do brunch in Columbus, Ohio and discuss everything from her time in the LFL to working with Marvel to being a WWE Diva!

2015-09-16 | WWE | Randy Orton
Renee Young exposes a side of Randy Orton that the WWE Universe has never seen before in this special, extended Unfiltered interview!

2015-09-30 | WWE | Kevin Owens
Renee Young and Kevin Owens discuss everything from his anti-Canadian views on beer and sports, to his pets, to his debut against John Cena!

2015-10-21 | WWE | Finn Balor
Renee sits down with NXT Superstar Finn Balor as they discuss growing up in Ireland, his favorite movies and his surprising love for Legos.

2015-11-04 | WWE | Lita
Renee sits down with former WWE Diva Lita to discuss her new role within WWE, butterflies and a Twitter moment with a famous rap legend.

2015-11-25 | WWE | The Miz
Aweeesome! Renee goes Hollywood with The Miz and discusses everything from his love life and puppies, to his passion for acting and karaoke!

2015-12-09 | WWE | Sasha Banks
In this B.A.D edition of Unfiltered, Renee sits with Sasha Banks and chats about relaxing, K-Pop, and her family ties to Snoop Dogg.

2015-12-15 | WWE | Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Renee Young chats with JJ Abrams and the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a WWE exclusive interview about the making of the movie.

2015-12-22 | WWE | Dolph Ziggler
On this holiday edition of Unfiltered; Renee talks to Dolph Ziggler about stand-up comedy, pranks, and being a dancer for Britney Spears.

[Best of 2016][Worst of 2016]
2016-06-09 | WWE | Roman Reigns
Season 2 kicks off as Renee talks childbirth and dancing with Roman Reigns and psychoanalyzes the WWE roster with Dr. Phil.

2016-06-16 | WWE | Charlotte
Renee lounges with Charlotte to talk about her Irish step-dancing skills and Superhero dreams. Summer Rae and R-Truth venture backstage.

2016-06-23 | WWE | Cesaro
Cesaro joins Renee for a formal interview about his cat Klaus, sewing, and Swiss cheese. Plus, a shocking announcement from the Chairman.

2016-06-30 | WWE | Paige
A mischief filled episode as Paige and Renee discuss underwear, whiskey, and shrimp. Plus, some fun backstage with Maryse.

2016-07-07 | WWE | Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose brings the Asylum to talk Bigfoot, 'woofs', and the happy bowl sandwich. Summer Rae and R-Truth are backstage, at it again.

2016-11-16 | WWE | Chris Jericho
A reluctant Chris Jericho joins Renee Young to chat about music, celebs, and all things Canadian. Plus, Jon Stewart stops by for some fun.

2016-11-23 | WWE | Becky Lynch
The Hot Seat features Becky Lynch for Twitter Talk and Gaelic lessons. Plus, Renee goes backstage for some Unfiltered Superstar Thoughts.

2016-11-30 | WWE | Enzo and Cass
Enzo and Big Cass sit down 'one-on-two' with Renee to find out how well they truly know each other. Plus, some holiday mischief backstage!

2016-12-07 | WWE | John Cena
John Cena has signed the deal to finally sit in the Hot Seat on this star-studded episode, featuring Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.