NWA Champ. Wrestling 12-03-88
Event Info:

NWA World Championship Wrestling | 1988-12-03
Rating: AV

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Clash of the Champions | Clash Of The Champions IV
Saturday Night's Main Event | SNME Nov 88
NWA Champ. Wrestling 12-03-88 WTBS Studios : Atlanta, GA

After suffering a serious injury during an altercation with The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes vows to get an eye for an eye. United States Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham gets his hands on Bam Bam Bigelow. Plus, World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair takes to the ring for singles action, Sting looks to return to his old ways, and much more on this edition of World Championship Wrestling!

Match Listing:

Original Midnight Express vs Trent Knight, Isley
Finish of Original Midnight Express vs Knight, Isley
Sting vs Joe Cruz
Finish of Sting vs Joe Cruz
Midnight Express with Cornette vs Bob Emory, El Negro
Finish of Midnight Express vs Bob Emory, El Negro
The Commandos vs JC Wilde and Keith Steinborn
Finish of Commandos vs JC Wilde, Keith Steinborn
Ric Flair with JJ Dillon vs Jerry Price
Finish of Ric Flair vs Jerry Price
Barry Windham with JJ Dillon vs Tony Suber
Finish of Barry Windham vs Tony Suber
Rick Steiner vs Randy Hogan
Finish of Rick Steiner vs Randy Hogan
Varsity Club with Kevin Sullivan vs Randy Mulkey
Finish of Varsity Club vs Randy Mulkey
Lex Luger vs Terry Jones
Finish of Lex Luger vs Terry Jones
Bam Bam Bigelow vs Max Miles
Finish of Bam Bam Bigelow vs Max Miles
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