Hardcore TV 10
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ECW Hardcore TV | 1993-06-08
Rating: DV

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King of the Ring | WWE King of the Ring 1993
Raw Replays | Episode 20
Hardcore TV 10 ECW Arena : Philadelphia, PA

The Sandman looks for redemption by challenging Don Muraco for the ECW Heavyweight Championship in a main event rematch. Tensions between The Super Destroyers and ECW Tag Team Champions The Suicide Blondes explode, Terry Funk's rivalry with 'Hot Stuff' Eddie Gilbert continues, and more!

Match Listing:

Samoan Warrior and Don E. Allen vs Road Warrior Hawk Untitled Document

Handicap Match

Finish of Samoan Warrior, Don E. Allen vs Hawk
16-Man Pennsylvania State Championship Battle Royal Untitled Document

Sixteen-Man Battle Royal

Finish of 16-Man Battle Royal
Glen Osbourne, Tommy Cairo vs Suicide Blondes Untitled Document

ECW Tag Team Title Match

Finish of Glen Osbourne, Cairo vs Suicide Blondes
The Sandman vs Don Muraco Untitled Document

ECW Heavyweight Title Match

Finish of The Sandman vs Don Muraco
Untitled Document

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