Hardcore TV 35
Event Info:

ECW Hardcore TV | 1993-12-07
Rating: ALV

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Raw Replays | Episode 43
Raw Replays | Episode 42
Hardcore TV 35 ECW Arena : Philadelphia, PA

After going one-on-one with Jonathan Hotbody, J.T. Smith finds himself in harm's way when Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac take on The Bad Breed of Axl and Ian Rotten for a shot at the ECW Tag Team Titles. Plus, Paul E. Dangerously sends holiday wishes to Terry Funk, Shane Douglas maintains his loyalty to Sensational Sherri, and much more!

Match Listing:

Mr. Hughes with Jason Knight vs Mike Norman
Finish of Mr. Hughes vs Mike Norman
Johnny Hotbody with Hunter Q. Robbins vs JT Smith
Finish of Johnny Hotbody vs JT Smith
Bad Breed vs The Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan
Finish of Bad Breed vs The Tazmaniac, Kevin Sullivan
The Lumberjack with Hunter Q. Robbins vs Mr. X
Finish of The Lumberjack vs Mr. X
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