Hardcore TV 05
Event Info:

ECW Hardcore TV | 1993-05-04
Rating: ALV

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Things take a dangerous turn when 'Hot Stuff' Eddie Gilbert and Don Muraco receive some help from an unexpected ally during their match against Glen Osbourne and J.T. Smith. Plus, Commissioner Tod Gordon gives Hunter Q. Robbins III a taste of his own medicine, The Sandman defends the ECW Heavyweight Championship against Sal Bellomo, and more!

Match Listing:

JT Smith, Glen Osbourne vs Eddie Gilbert, Don Muraco
Finish of Smith, Osbourne v Eddie Gilbert, Don Muraco
Tony Stetson, Larry Winters vs Super Destroyers Untitled Document

ECW Tag Team Title Match

Finish of Tony Stetson, Winters vs Super Destroyers
Sal Bellomo vs The Sandman with Miss Peaches Untitled Document

ECW Heavyweight Title Match

Finish of Sal Bellomo vs The Sandman
Ernesto Benefico vs Rockin' Rebel with Tigra
Finish of Ernesto Benefico vs Rockin' Rebel
Johnny Hotbody with Chris Candido vs Tommy Cairo
Finish of Johnny Hotbody vs Tommy Cairo
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