Hardcore TV 53
Event Info:

ECW Hardcore TV | 1994-04-19
Rating: ADLV

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Hardcore TV 53 ECW Arena : Philadelphia, PA

A former member of the original Dangerous Alliance makes his presence felt when Paul E. Dangerously leads Sabu to go one-on-one against the legendary Terry Funk in the main event. Plus, Kevin Sullivan and The Tazmaniac in tag team action, The Public Enemy target J.T. Smith, and much more on this edition of Eastern Championship Wrestling!

Match Listing:

Tazmaniac, Kevin Sullivan vs RJ Powers, Jimmy Snuka
Finish of Tazmaniac, Kevin Sullivan vs Powers, Snuka Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Terry Funk vs Sabu with Paul E. Dangerously
Finish of Terry Funk vs Sabu
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