SmackDown 271
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Smackdown Replays | 2004-10-28
Rating: ADLSV

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SmackDown 271 Qwest Center : Omaha, NE

With an opportunity to challenge John 'Bradshaw' Layfield for the WWE Championship at stake, Booker T takes to the ring to face off with Orlando Jordan in the main event. The seven finalists of Tough Enough are in for a huge surprise when they make their first appearance on SmackDown. Paul Heyman meets with The Undertaker to sign the contract for Heidenreich's match with The Deadman at Survivor Series. Plus, Chavo Guerrero in action, Kurt Angle battles Rey Mysterio, and more!

Match Listing:

Chavo Guerrero vs Nunzio
Finish of Chavo Guerrero vs Nunzio
Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio
Finish of Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio
Orlando Jordan with JBL vs Booker T
Finish of Orlando Jordan vs Booker T
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