MSG 9/26/77
Event Info:

Old School | 1977-09-26
Rating: DLV

Untitled Document
Dusty Rhodes: The American Dream | Texas Death Match
Old School | MSG 8/29/77

World's collide when Dusty Rhodes takes to the ring to challenge Superstar Billy Graham for the WWE Championship at Madison Square Garden. In the main event, Ken Patera teams up with Captain Lou Albano and Stan Stasiak to take on Chief Jay Strongbow, Larry Zbyszko, and Tony Garea. All this and much more!

Match Listing:

Cowboy Lang, Haiti Kid vs Little John, Little Tokyo Untitled Document

Midget Tag Team Match

Professor Toru Tanaka vs Johnny Rivera
Finish of Mr. Fuji vs Lenny Hurst
Larry Sharpe vs Bob Backlund
Finish of Larry Sharpe vs Bob Backlund
Finish of Dusty Rhodes vs Superstar Billy Graham Untitled Document

WWE Championship Match

George Steele vs Peter Maivia
Patera, Stasiak, Albano vs Strongbow, Zbyszko, Garea Untitled Document

Six Man Tag Team Match

Untitled Document

Untitled Document
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