WWE Night of Champions 2013
Event Info:

Attendance: 10,500
Event Rating: 2.44

Night of Champions | 2013-09-15

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WWE Night of Champions 2013 Joe Louis Arena : Detroit, MI

Daniel Bryan attempts to shatter WWE's glass ceiling when he faces the Apex Predator, Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Can Bryan win back the gold that many feel was unfairly ripped from his hands, or will the Authority keep its hand-picked champion? Curtis Axel is all that stands in the way of CM Punk unleashing fury on his scheming former mentor, Paul Heyman. Rob Van Dam tries to punctuate a successful comeback by seizing the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio.

Match Listing:

Curtis Axel with Paul Heyman vs Kofi Kingston Untitled Document

Intercontinental Title Match
Rating: 2.50

Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella vs AJ Lee Untitled Document

Divas Championship Match
Rating: 1.25

Rob Van Dam with Ricardo Rodriguez vs Alberto Del Rio Untitled Document

World Heavyweight Title Match
Rating: 2.25

Fandango with Summer Rae vs The Miz
Rating: 1.50

Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman vs CM Punk Untitled Document

No DQ Handicap Match
Rating: 3.00

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler Untitled Document

United States Championship Match
Rating: 2.75

The Shield vs The Prime Time Players Untitled Document

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Rating: 2.50

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton Untitled Document

WWE Championship Match
Rating: 3.75