TLC Tables Ladders and Chairs 2012
Event Info:

Attendance: 15,748
Event Rating: 2.50

Tables Ladders Chairs | 2012-12-16

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TLC Tables Ladders and Chairs 2012 Barclays Center : Brooklyn, NY

Insurgent trio The Shield's onslaught against injustice has led them into the path of ravenous monster Ryback and Team Hell No, as the two sides engage in a treacherous Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. John Cena attempts to rewrite history and seize Dolph Ziggler's most prized possession, the Money In The Bank briefcase, in a high-stakes Ladder Match. Big Show and Sheamus collide in a Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Match Listing:

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars Untitled Document

Tag Team Tables Match
Rating: 2.75

R Truth vs Antonio Cesaro
Rating: 1.50

Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
Rating: 3.00

Ryback and Team Hell No vs The Shield Untitled Document

Tables, Ladders, Chairs
Rating: 4.50

Eve Torres vs Naomi