Event Info:

WCCW | 1983-05-07

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WWE Hidden Gems | The Last Battle Of Atlanta
WCCW 71 :

The main event features The Fabulous Freebirds taking on Kerry Von Erich, N'Iceman' King Parsons, and Chavo Guerrero Sr in a Penalty Box match. Mike Reed faces The Mongol accompanied by Skandor Akbar. Tora Yatsu takes on the Ugandan giant, Kamala.

Match Listing:

Kamala vs Tola Yatsu with Arman Hussein
Kamala vs Yatsu
Finish of Kamala vs Tola Yatsu
Mike Reed vs Mongol with Skandor Akbar
The Mongol vs Mike Reed
Finish of Mike Reed vs Mongol
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