Episode 40
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Raw Replays | 1993-11-15

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ECW Hardcore TV | Hardcore TV 32
Clash of the Champions | Clash Of The Champions XXV

On this episode of Monday Night RAW, Razor Ramon battles The Brooklyn Brawler. One half of the Tag Team Champions Quebecer Pierre goes one-on-one with Lex Luger. The Headshrinkers are in tag team action, and Diesel is in singles competition.

Match Listing:

Razor Ramon vs Brooklyn Brawler
Finish of Razor Ramon vs Brooklyn Brawler
Headshrinkers vs Mike Bucci and Mike Maraldo
Head Shrinkers vs Mike Bucci and Mike Moraldo
Finish of Headshrinkers vs Mike Bucci, Mike Maraldo Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Pierre with Johnny Polo vs Lex Luger
Lex Luger vs Pierre
Finish of Pierre vs Lex Luger
Diesel vs Sid Garrison
Finish of Diesel vs Sid Garrison
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