Episode 17
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Event Rating: 4.00

Raw Replays | 1993-05-17

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Razor Ramon: Oozing Machismo | A Shocking Upset

ECW Hardcore TV | Hardcore TV 07
ECW Hardcore TV | Hardcore TV 06

Razor Ramon battles new comer The Kid. Marty Jannetty returns to surprise Shawn Michaels and even gets a chance to battle for the Intercontinental Championship. A battle of the behemoths as Yokozuna faces off against Kamala. Things don't look too "hot" for Scott Taylor as he sees action against Tatanka.

Match Listing:

Smoking Gunns vs Glenn Ruth and Tony Vajda
The Smoking Gunns vs Glen Ruth and Tony Vadja
Finish of Smoking Gunns vs Glenn Ruth and Tony Vajda Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Razor Ramon vs The Kid
The Kid vs Razor Ramon
Tatanka vs Scott Taylor
Kamala vs Yokozuna with Mr Fuji
Finish of Kamala vs Yokozuna
Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty Untitled Document

Intercontinental Title Match
Rating: 4.00

Untitled Document