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SmackDown Replays | 2012-02-17

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Elimination Chamber | WWE Elimination Chamber 2012
Raw Replays | Debate, Hate and Eliminate

SmackDown Superstars compete in a battle royal to determine who will take Randy Orton's spot in the upcoming Elimination Chamber Match. Daniel Bryan and Sheamus collide and fellow giants Big Show and The Great Khali are paired together in tag team action.

Match Listing:

Rhodes and Wade Barrett vs Big Show and Great Khali
Finish of Rhodes, Barrett vs Big Show, Great Khali Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Ted DiBiase vs Hunico
Primo and Epico vs The Usos
Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
Jinder Mahal vs Ezekiel Jackson
Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Tamina and Alicia Fox Untitled Document

Divas Tag Team Match

Santino Marella The Usos Heath Slater and more Untitled Document

Battle Royale

Finish of Wild Card Battle Royal Untitled Document

Battle Royale

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