WWE Cyber Sunday 2008
Event Info:

Attendance: 7,981
Event Rating: 2.39

Cyber Sunday | 2008-10-26

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WWE Cyber Sunday 2008 US Airways Center : Phoenix, AZ

The WWE Universe shape the matches in this unique event. Chris Jericho defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista with the WWE Universe choosing the special guest referee. Jeff Hardy challenges Triple H for the WWE Championship. The Undertaker battles Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match. ECW Champion, Matt Hardy, puts the title on the line against Evan Bourne. Plus a Divas Halloween Costume Contest and more.

Match Listing:

Rey Mysterio vs Kane Untitled Document

No Holds Barred
Rating: 3.50

Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne
Rating: 2.00

Shad Gaspard and JTG vs John Morrison and The Miz
Rating: 2.00

Honky Tonk Man vs Santino Marrella
Rating: -1.00

Undertaker vs Big Show Untitled Document

Last Man Standing
Rating: 3.25

Triple H vs Jeff Hardy
Rating: 3.50

Chris Jericho vs Batista
Rating: 3.50

Untitled Document

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