Aint That a Kick in the Head
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SmackDown Replays | 2012-09-14

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Aint That a Kick in the Head Scotia Bank : Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

With Night of Champions just 2 days away, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus engages in a WrestleMania rematch with Daniel Bryan. Will the Great White have the same luck without the use of the banned Brogue Kick? Championship holders The Miz and Antonio Cesaro see action just 48 hours before putting the gold on the line. Plus, Randy Orton faces the dangerous Tensai.

Match Listing:

Sin Cara vs The Miz
Kofi Kingston vs Kane
Randy Orton vs Tensai
Randy Orton vs Tensai with Sakamoto
Finish of Randy Orton vs Tensai
Kaitlyn vs Beth Phoenix Untitled Document

Divas Match

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
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