Maple Leaf Gardens 11/10/85
Event Info:

Old School | 1985-11-10

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Tuesday Night Titans | Episode 58
Hulk Hogans Rock n Wrestling | Moolah's Ugly Salon
Maple Leaf Gardens 11/10/85 Maple Leaf Gardens : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Old School WWE Card from Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens features Andre the Giant and Hillbilly Jim facing Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy in tag team action. The Hart Foundation battle Tony Atlas and Ivan Putski. Dino Bravo vs. Nikolai Volkoff. King Tonga, Jose Luis Rivera, and more.

Match Listing:

Studd, Bundy vs Hillbilly Jim, Andre the Giant
Bundy John Studd vs Andre The Giant Hillbilly Jim
Finish of Studd, Bundy vs Hillbilly, Andre the Giant Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Moondog Spot vs Cousin Junior
Dino Bravo vs Nikolai Volkoff Untitled Document

Canadian Championship Match

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