WWE In Your House 17 1997
Event Info:

Attendance: 4,963
Event Rating: 2.04

In Your House | 1997-09-07

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WCW Monday Nitro | Nitro 103
WWE In Your House 17 1997 Louisville Gardens : Louisville, KY

In Your House 17 Ground Zero: Two WWE icons go at it in the main event when Shawn Michaels takes on The Undertaker. Bret 'Hit Man' Hart defends the WWE Championship against The Patriot. A Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match for the vacant WWE Tag Team Championship featuring The Legion of Doom, The Godwinns, The Headbangers and more.

Match Listing:

Brian Pillman vs Goldust
Rating: 2.50

Finish of Goldust vs Brian Pillman
Scott Putski vs Brian Christopher
Rating: 0.50

Finish of Scott Putski vs Brian Christopher
Crush vs Savio Vega vs Faarooq Untitled Document

Triple Threat
Rating: -1.50

Finish of Savio Vega vs Faarooq vs Crush Untitled Document

Triple Threat Match

El Torito vs Max Mini
Rating: 3.75

Finish of El Torito vs Max Mini
Headbangers vs Godwinns vs Owen Hart, Bulldog vs LOD Untitled Document

Fatal Four Way

Brett Hart vs The Patriot
Rating: 3.25

Finish of The Patriot vs Bret Hart Untitled Document

WWE Championship Match

Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker
Rating: 3.75

Finish of Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker
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