ECW Living Dangerously 2000
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Event Rating: 1.56

Living Dangerously | 2000-03-12

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ECW Living Dangerously 2000 Oneil Center : Danbury, CT

Living Dangerously 2000 features a big Three-Way Dance for the ECW Tag Team Titles featuring The Impact Players, Raven and Mike Awesome, and Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka. The winner of the ECW TV Title tournament will be crowned as Super Crazy takes on Rhino. The legendary Dusty Rhodes vs. Steve Corino in a Bull Rope Match and more.

Match Listing:

Steve Corino v Dusty Rhodes Untitled Document

Bull Rope Match
Rating: 0.50

New Dangerous Alliance v Danny Doring and Roadkill
Rating: 1.50

Mike Awesome v Kid Kash
Rating: 3.00

Jado and Gedo v Nova and Chris Chetti
Rating: 0.75

Little Guido v Super Crazy
Rating: 3.00

Kintaro Kanemura v Balls Mahoney
Rating: 0.00

Awesome Raven v Dreamer Tanaka v Impact Players Untitled Document

Three-Way Tag Team Match
Rating: 2.00

Rhino v Super Crazy
Rating: 1.75

Untitled Document