ECW Living Dangerously 1999
Event Info:

Event Rating: 1.66

Living Dangerously | 1999-03-21

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Raw Replays | Episode 304
ECW | Hardcore TV 308
ECW Living Dangerously 1999 Asbury Park Convention Center : Asbury Park, NJ

The ECW Heavyweight and ECW FTW Championship are on the line when longtime rivals Sabu and Taz square off in the main event. The unlikely duo of Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer take on The Impact Players, Justin Credible and Lance Storm. Rob Van Dam defends the ECW TV Championship against Jerry Lynn. Super Crazy and Tajiri battle and much more.

Match Listing:

Tajiri v Super Crazy
Rating: 2.50

Balls Mahoney v Steve Corino
Rating: 0.25

Little Guido v Antifaz Del Norte
Rating: 1.25

Rob Van Dam v Jerry Lynn Untitled Document

Television Championship Match
Rating: 3.50

New Jack v Mustafa Untitled Document

Rating: 0.25

Dudley Boyz v Spike Dudley and Nova
Rating: 1.00

Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer v The Impact Players
Rating: 1.00

Taz v Sabu Untitled Document

Title Unification Match
Rating: 3.50

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