WCW Spring Stampede 1997
Event Info:

Attendance: 8,356
Event Rating: 2.04

Spring Stampede | 1997-04-06

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WCW Spring Stampede 1997 Tupelo Coliseum : Tupelo, MS

These Men Solemnly Swear...To Fight! Diamond Dallas Page battles 'Macho Man' Randy Savage in a No Disqualification Match. The Giant, Lex Luger, Booker T, and Stevie Ray square off in a Four Corners Match. Kevin Nash faces Rick Steiner with the WCW Tag Team Championship on the line. Rey Mysterio battles Ultimo Dragon.

Match Listing:

Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio Jr
Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio
Rating: 4.25

Akira Hokuto vs Madusa
Rating: 2.50

Prince Iaukea vs Lord Steven Regal
Rating: 1.50

Steve McMichael and Jeff Jarrett vs Public Enemy