WCW Starrcade 1990
Event Info:

Attendance: 7,200
Event Rating: 1.82

Starrcade | 1990-12-16

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Starrcade 1990 showcases an international tag team tournament featuring The Steiner Brothers, Konnan and Rey Mysterio Sr., and Mr. Saito and the Great Muta. Sting defends the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against the Black Scorpion in a Steel Cage Match. Doom faces Arn Anderson and Barry Windham in a Street Fight. Lex Luger battles Stan Hansen in a Texas Lariat Match for the United States Title.

Match Listing:

Bobby Eaton vs Z Man
Rating: 3.00

Colonel Deklerk and Sgt Krueger vs Steiner Brothers
Rating: 1.25

Chris Adams Norman Smiley vs Rey Mysterio Konan
Rating: 1.50

The Royal Family vs Great Muta and Mr Saito
Rating: 1.75

Montour and Bull Johnson vs Zangiev and Hasimikov
Rating: -1.25

Terry Taylor vs Michael Wallstreet
Rating: 2.25

Big Cat and Motor City Madman vs The Skyscrapers
Rating: 2.50

Tommy Rich and Ricky Morton vs The Fabulous Freebirds
Rating: 1.00

Steiner Brothers vs Konan and Rey Mysterio
Rating: 1.25

Zangiev and Hasimkov vs Great Muta and Mr Saito
Rating: 1.00

Lex Luger vs Stan Hansen Untitled Document

Texas Lariat Rules Match
Rating: 3.25

Four Horsemen vs Doom Untitled Document

Street Fight
Rating: 4.00

Mr Saito and Great Muta vs The Steiner Brothers
Rating: 3.25

Sting vs Black Scorpion Untitled Document

Steel Cage
Rating: 0.75

Untitled Document

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