ECW November to Remember 1999
Event Info:

Event Rating: 2.12

November to Remember | 1999-11-07

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Raw Replays | Episode 337
ECW | Hardcore TV 341
ECW November to Remember 1999 Flickinger Center : Buffalo, NY

If you miss ECW November to Remember 1999, it's a regret you'll never forget! Rhino joins forces with The Impact Players to face Raven, Tommy Dreamer, and The Sandman in the main event. Rob Van Dam defends the ECW TV Title against Taz. Mike Awesome defends the ECW World Heavyweight Championship against Masato Tanaka. Sabu faces Chris Candido. Jerry Lynn collides with Tajiri. Plus, New Jack and much more.

Match Listing:

Spike Dudley vs Simon Diamond w Dick Hertz
Rating: 0.50

Nova vs Little Guido
Rating: 1.25

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Jerry Lynn vs Super Crazy Untitled Document

Triple Threat
Rating: 3.50

New Jack Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney v Da Baldies Untitled Document

Rating: 1.00

Chris Candido vs Sabu
Rating: 3.00

Mike Awesome v Masato Tanaka Untitled Document

World Heavyweight Title Match
Rating: 4.25

Rob Van Dam v Taz Untitled Document

Television Championship Match
Rating: 2.25

Dreamer Raven and Sandman v Impact Players and Rhino Untitled Document

Six-Man Tag Team
Rating: 1.25

Untitled Document