Clash Of The Champions XVII
Event Info:

Event Rating: 2.44

Clash of the Champions | 1991-11-19

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Survivor Series | WWE Survivor Series 1991
Sting: The Icon Defined | Truth or Consequences
Clash Of The Champions XVII Savannah Civic Center : Savannah, GA

Clash of the Champions XVII features World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger, defending his title against Rick Steiner. 'Ravishing' Rick Rude challenges Sting for the United States Heavyweight Championship. Dustin Rhodes and a mystery partner challenge The Enforcers for the World tag Team Championship. 'Stunning' Steve Austin and PN News battle for the World Television Championship. Flyin' Brian Pillman puts the Light Heavyweight Championship on the line against Johnny B. Badd and much more.

Match Listing:

Diamond Studd vs Z Man Tom Zenk
Finish of Diamond Studd vs Z Man Tom Zenk
Finish of P.N. News vs Stunning Steve Austin Untitled Document

WCW TV Championship Match

Thomas Rich w Alexandra York v Big Josh Untitled Document

Rating: 1.75

Finish of Thomas Rich vs Big Josh Untitled Document

Lumberjack Match

Firebreaker Chip v Bobby Eaton
Rating: 1.25

PN News v Stunning Steve Austin w Lady Blossom
Rating: 2.25

Cactus Jack v Van Hammer
Rating: 2.25

The Enforcers v Dustin Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat Untitled Document

WCW Tag Team Championship Match
Rating: 4.25

Johnny B Badd w Theodore Long v Flyin Brian Pillman Untitled Document

Light Heavyweight Title Match
Rating: 2.50

Sting v Ravishing Rick Rude w Paul E Dangerously Untitled Document

United States Championship Match
Rating: 3.00

Rick Steiner w Scott Steiner v Lex Luger Untitled Document

World Heavyweight Title Match
Rating: 2.25

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