Episode 109
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Raw Replays | 1995-05-01

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ECW | #106
ECW | #105
Episode 109 Civic Auditorium : Omaha, NE

On this edition of Monday Night RAW, Sycho Sid sets his sights on Razor Ramon as they face off in the main event. After several accusations from Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Bret Hart gives 'The King' the answer he has been waiting for. The WWE Universe gets its first taste of a Connecticut blue blood as he prepares for his debut. Plus, several superstars of WWE's New Generation including the Allied Powers, Men on a Mission, and more, showcase their in-ring abilities.

Match Listing:

The Allied Powers vs George Anderson and Ron Hagan
Finish of Allied Powers vs George Anderson, Ron Hagan Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Bob Holly vs Butler Stevens
Finish of Bob 'Spark Plugg' Holly vs Butler Stevens
Mantaur vs Sonny Rogers
Finish of Mantaur vs Sonny Rogers
Sycho Sid vs Razor Ramon
Finish of Sycho Sid vs Razor Ramon
Adam Bomb vs Dave Sigfrid
Finish of Adam Bomb vs Dave Sigfrid
Men On A Mission vs Kevin Kruger and Bill Duke
Finish of Men on a Mission vs Kevin Kruger, Bill Duke Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

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