Episode 475 - 90m
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Raw Replays | 2002-06-30

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Raw Replays | Episode 475
Smackdown Replays | Episode 149

As Paul Heyman continues to unleash Brock Lesnar on the WWE, Nature Boy Ric Flair looks to stop the beast on his path of destruction. Dissent is brewing within the New World Order but Shawn Michaels reveals that he has a solution. In an epic main event, Jeff Hardy has his sights set on The Undertaker's Undisputed WWE Championship as he challenges the 'Dead Man' to a Ladder Match. Also in action: Rob Van Dam, Bradshaw, and many more.

Match Listing:

Ric Flair v Brock Lesnar
Rob Van Dam v William Regal
Booker T v Big Show
Undertaker v Jeff Hardy Untitled Document


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